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DIY: Charging cable coating fix

Caroline Nixon 프로필 사진/회사 로고 Caroline Nixon


  • Wool or thick yarn
  • Plastic straw
  • Scissors
  • A charger that's falling apart


With all the use we get out of our phones and charging cables it's easy for every day wear and tear to take it's toll. Phones get dropped, screens get cracked and cables can split and fray and stop working.

We're going to show you a clever solution to wrapping your phone cable to stop it from fraying and breaking.

1 hour난이도

스텝 1: Materials needed

Scissors, a plastic straw, wool, or thick yarn. That's it! 

You can choose any colour you like. It will not only repair the cable by covering the cable, but will also help yours stand out.

스텝 2: Repair the damaged part

First cut some parts from the plastic straw, long enough to cover the damaged part of the cable

스텝 3: Make it fit

If the straw is too thick, you can narrow it down slightly.

스텝 4: Repair

The plastic straw will prevent further damage to the split part of the cable. Of course, it can't undo the damage that's already done, but will stop it from getting worse.

스텝 5: Length of thread

We recommend you to leave as long as you can. Otherwise, the yarn may end in half. But of course it is possible to continue by adding.

스텝 6: Knot

​Make a strong knot at the top to prevent the thread from slipping later.

스텝 7: Start wrapping

Wrap the thread along the entire cable (you might need a bit of patience for this part)

스텝 8: Here it is

​Your new protected charging cable.

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