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Before and After: Slippery Slope Solutions

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클래식스타일 정원 by neuegaerten-gartenkunst 클래식
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Have you ever walked outside your home, taken a look at your garden and wondered what on earth you could possibly do with it? If so, we think you'll be able to relate to the owners of today's home.

A stunning building in its own right, the garden was truly letting this impressive property down and when the time came to overhaul that outdoor space, they really went to town! The gardening team had their work cut out but, having completed a stunning rear transformation, they gave the front a spruce up too, which lead to one of the most beautiful and blossoming façades we've seen!

Before: At least it's big!

What else can you say about this tragic mud pit other than it is a decent size for a transformation? Seriously? 

The mature trees are a nice feature but, other than that, we are at a loss and can't imagine what we'd do with a space like this if left to our own devices. It's such a shame that this was the view from such a pretty home!

After: Pretty as a picture

For such a traditional looking home, we can't think of anything better than this step-down, beautiful garden that naturally oozes style, charm and grace. Can you?

A radiant display of blossoming blooms and a lovely scheme that encapsulates the size of the space and the proportions of the house, this is a great design!

After: A little rustic feel

Looking more closely at the walls and steps, it's a delight to see that talented craftsmen were clearly brought in to tackle this project.

A mixture of cemented and loose elements work perfectly together to give that natural, rustic look. The selection of pale, sandstone blocks is also inspired, working so well with the render on the house.

After: Perfect borders

What we love about this garden transformation is that it looks so natural. You wouldn't know this was a newly completed project unless you were told.

It's that sweet, graceful flow and the perfectly chosen blooms that we are so envious of. That's why rustic brickwork is the ideal choice; anything too 'new' or perfect would have given the game away!

After: Total tidy-up

With the rear of the house looking phenomenal and summer garden party ready, the gardening team worked their magic at the front too. They created perfect symmetry, which gives the house an even more elegant façade.

Simple but impactful and bright plants work wonders and we have to say that we're thinking about grabbing our gardening gloves and getting outside now!

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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