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Simple but stunning transformation of an ordinary balcony

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For some, an 8sqm balcony would seem an impossible redecorating task. Compact, neglected and lacking visual appeal, this outdoor area would soon be forgotten in the overall home decorating scheme. However, the owners of this neat balcony were determined to spruce up their space and give it a new lease of life. 

Engaging the assistance of the astute professionals at Die Balkongestalter they were able to completely reinvigorate the area, ensuring it became a usable and functional part of the home. As the balcony was fairly desolate and empty, new furniture was employed to renew the comfort and cosiness of the space. Additionally, bright colours and a sense of creativity provided the newly refreshed terrace an air of playfulness, and formed a spectacular oasis of serenity. 

Before: dull, dreary and disused

The first image of this balcony is certainly uninspiring. Lacking charm, character or any sense of usability, this area required an immediate refurbishment. Plastic furniture was being used as seating, and decorative elements were nowhere to be seen. 

The flower boxes had been neglected, with this precious space definitely not being used to its full potential. 

Before: a frightful floor!

As if it couldn't get any worse, we then take a peek at the floor of the balcony. Here we witness unsightly linoleum that has been laid over the top of the original flooring. Not only a poor choice of colour, the area is also terribly stained, leading to an overwhelmingly unappealing space. 

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After: a magical transformation!

Wow! The transformation is incredible. No longer an unsightly and unattractive space, the balcony is now a beautiful area of relaxation and serenity. 

The floor has been covered with grey timber tiles which hides the stained linoleum, while a cheerful striped outdoor carpet adds comfort and style. 

At the end of the space we see the large double seat with a cosy overstuffed cushion. This, along with an additional seat, provides an area for guests to sit and rest. 

Working with colour schemes

When designing a successful balcony, it is often a good idea to choose a colour scheme and palette of hues. Here the design has been taken even further with colourful textiles added. The bright orange of the sun umbrella is coordinated with throw cushions, blankets, and various accessories. 

Furthermore, we are also able to see the inclusion of the draped fabric that hangs overhead, protecting the occupants from rain and sunlight. 

Plenty of bright blooms

Unlike the original image of this neglected balcony, the newly updated space has definitely made use of the extensive planters. Fresh, light and oozing appeal, these blooms help bring the 8m2 space to life. 

With a spectrum of bright pink to subtle lilac, these tones bring an engaging energy to the compact terrace. If you are decorating your own balcony, consider lilacs, petunias, dahlias and lavender. 

Stylish storage space

Turning around and checking out the other side of the balcony, we notice that the professionals have added some stylish storage space to the area. This holds more plants, books and ornaments – everything one might need for a cosy, relaxing and enjoyable reading corner. 

The separate chair has been covered with a soft faux fur rug, which adds another dimension of luxury within the space. Moreover, some neat DIY possibilities are shown in the way the designers have utilised tin cans as planters for a range of additional greenery, herbs and foliage. 

The view from below

For one final peek at this renovated outdoor space, we take a gander at the balcony from ground level. Gorgeously enticing, and replete with a feeling of cherished homeliness, this is definitely one terrace to take your cues from!

We hope this Ideabook provided you with a few neat tips and tricks to get your home looking spectacular! If you would like to continue reading, check out: 11 stylish ways to furnish your balcony

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