10 easy ways to beautify a tiny living room

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10 easy ways to beautify a tiny living room

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Is your living room a squeeze? Are you working with a limited layout, or perhaps a cloistered floor plan? If any of these points ring true for your abode, you should definitely read on below and check out our 10 simple ways to beautify a tiny living room!

Compact apartments and houses present many interior decorating challenges. Not only do they limit your possibilities when it comes to the implementation of certain types of furniture, but their design needs to be undertaken with consideration and thoughtfulness.

However, just because your living room is small, tiny or compact, doesn’t mean it can’t be relaxing, stylish and sophisticated. If you would like to give your home’s most important room a stylistic refurbishment, read on below and get started today!

1. Go contemporary!

Contemporary design is often a perfect solution when dealing with a cramped or compact living area. In this design we see the way a modular sofa, statement lamp, as well as a monochromatic grey colour scheme create a stylish and sophisticated space. 

2. Getting practical with a compact room

트로피컬 거실 by homify 휴양지

When you only have a small space to work with it is important to act practically in your approach to design. In this tiny living area, the furniture is unobtrusive and the tiled floor is low maintenance. 

Consider adding a tiled floor to improve a sense of space, as carpet can often feel as though it is enclosing the space and increasing its cloistered aesthetic.

3. Utilise colour within your tiny space

Peponi House 트로피컬 거실 by STUDIO [D] TALE 휴양지

Peponi House


For our next living room, we are checking out a truly gorgeous London home. This colourful and energetic space has been brought to life through the use of unique accessories, and an astute attention to detail. 

4. Focus on comfort and glamour

에클레틱 거실 by homify 에클레틱 (Eclectic)

If you've only got a little space to work with, then why not focus on what matters? Comfort is undeniably an essential to creating a welcoming and desirable room, while the addition to luxury, opulence and glamour really seals the decorative deal!

Look for antiques, classic pieces of furniture, and spruce them up with a tropical themed colour scheme such as this gorgeous example above.  

5. Add art and a salon style wall

Decorating a small room certainly means you need to consider many different aspects in order to create a space that is enjoyable as well as stylish. Creating a gallery wall in your home can add an element of sophistication to your dwelling, in addition to brightening and enlivening the living room.

If you need help creating a gallery wall in your compact home, chat to an interior designer and get the job done for you!

6. Create a quirky and exciting area

Get quirky with your tiny living room and take some cues from this neat, alluring and charismatic example. The usage of retro-themed furniture works beautifully juxtaposed against the heritage architecture, and makes the most of every centimetre of space. 

7. Keep it casual and eye-catching

We love this casual, chilled out and easy going room that oozes understated cool vibes. With plenty of interesting artwork, a retro mid-century modern armchair, and a record player, we don't think this space could be any more on-trend.  

8. Try a pared-back DIY aesthetic

Get creative with your interior ambience and opt for a DIY vintage aesthetic that bursts with interest and energy. Here a palette has been repurposed, while the hanging light bulb brings a true sense of character and intrigue. 

9. Try minimalism

미니멀리스트 거실 by DECLASE 미니멀

When all else fails, minimalism is your go-to aesthetic that is sure to stun and impress, with its pared-back, simplistic air. 

Choose pieces of furniture that are interesting yet simple, and always opt for a monochromatic, uncomplicated colour palette. 

10. Keep things cosy with a cottage ambience

Nothing beats the charm, cosiness and charisma of a cottage-inspired space. This living room, kitchen and dining area work their bucolic magic by keeping things simple yet characterful.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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