Organize your clothes: 10 creative and effective ways to store and hang your clothes

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Organize your clothes: 10 creative and effective ways to store and hang your clothes

Barbara Ivusic Barbara Ivusic
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When it comes to clothes and storage, sometimes we have to be creative, especially if space in our homes is scarce. No-one wants visible clutter, but keeping things hidden can sometimes be a problem – especially if you have a lot of clothes, shoes and other garments to store. With a few innovative ideas, storing or hanging your clothes can be seen as a chance to decorate your home. Depending on how limited you are with your options, keeping things organized can be done with a little bit of re-thinking of the ways in which you use space. 

Let's take a look at 10 great ideas for storing and hanging clothing!

1. Boxes under the bed

By elevating the bed, you are not only creating a visually interesting bedroom, you are opening up a whole new usable area for your storage. The amount of room you have under the bed not only lets you see what you have but also makes it easy to vacuum the dust. 

2. A custom wardrobe under a roof

Making sure not to waste areas of your home is essential to solving storage problems. By utilizing your attic in a creative way, such as building a wardrobe to fit neatly underneath, you create an organized spot for your clothes which is still perfectly accessible. 

3. Making shelves fit

If you have a room in your home where the ceiling partly slants because it is underneath a flight of stairs, you can use that area to fit some of your clothes. Placing shelves in this nook opens up new storage possibilities whilst allowing you to create a hanging spot for your clothes. 

4. In-built wall storage

Storage space for your clothes doesn't have to be visible. These chic wall cabinets roll out easily and conceal what's inside them, which gives a whole new name to organization! These cabinets can also be installed under the staircase for storing shoes, winter clothing, and other seasonal items.

5. Secret closet space

A closet which looks like a wall is one way in which you can store your clothes 'behind closed doors.' You wouldn't even know this closet is here, especially because the rest of the room is made from the same material. 

6. Feature wall

Painting a feature wall behind your clothes storage space not only makes it visually enticing, it also makes the space look organized and decorative. 

7. Shoe storage

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An island like this one is a perfect storage spot for shoes. You can see all the shoes on display without taking up any extra room in your closet. 

8. Display cabinet

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Closet Space


If you like to see exactly what you have when it comes to shoes, a glass display cabinet is the answer to all your shoe storage issues. It not only makes you feel like you are looking into a shop window, but it makes the experience of selecting which shoes to wear – that little more special!

9. Inspired storage

Instead of drawers, why not be creative and use a stack of old colorful suitcases? This storage solution for your clothes not only makes your room interesting and vivid, it is actually a great idea for storing things like socks, undergarments, scarves or even those seasonal items you only need when the time comes. 

10. Behind the curtain

This closet space is impeccably designed and organized. With easy access via a curtain, the space feels luxurious and like walking into the backstage area of a theater. 

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