Clever tips to decorate a small home

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Clever tips to decorate a small home

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미니멀리스트 거실 by homify 미니멀
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Decorating small spaces can be quite a challenge. You need storage space and beauty, which can be competing needs. An interior decorator can help you make the most of tiny spaces, but if you decide to go it yourself you'll want to familiarize yourself with some key guidelines. Let homify outline these techniques by curating some amazing examples of beautiful and functional small spaces that will inspire you to add some character to your tiny rooms.

1. Entryways

This amazing entryway looks fresh and vibrant. The white is a great choice to create a bright room, and the touches of colour on the trim and flooring provide enough character that the space isn't boring. However, the real advantage of this little entryway is it's strategic placement of the family's belongings. Everything has a place in this entryway, and it doesn't feel cluttered or disorganized, which is particularly important in a small house that can't handle clutter. Keeping a tidy entryway will make a positive impression on guests and set the tone for the whole house. 

2. Living and Storage

미니멀리스트 거실 by homify 미니멀

This small space has been made bright with the creamy neutral colour used on just about everything, even the rug. One of the highlights of this space is how the soft modern ottoman tucks right under the far table, creating more space in the living room when it's needed. These kinds of storage options, especially for furniture, are simply a must for the modern tiny home. At homify, we have plenty of storage solutions for you to choose from, take a peek here.

3. Furniture

If you have a small dining room you'll need to look into less bulky furniture options. Try to pick small pieces, like these vibrant chairs, and don't overcrowd them in the space. The designers here could have put chairs on the ends of this table too, but it would have been inconvenient to move them around to get behind the table. Notice that everything in this room is minimalist, which is a great style to incorporate in small spaces. 

4. Bedroom

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a bedroom is packing in a bed that's almost the same size as the room. Sometimes this truly is unavoidable, but if you can try to make the bedroom larger in a renovation or try to use a smaller bed. You can also take away from storage space in the bedroom to make the space large enough for a big bed. You can also use mirrors to make the room seem larger.

5. Bathroom

So your bathroom is small, doesn't mean it has to be boring. A few simple elements can make a small bathroom feel warm and modern. Particularly, a small and unusually shaped mirror can make a big impact in a bathroom, guests are just so used to seeing the regular old rectangular mirror. Small sinks can also be very chic, check out this modern sink bowl on a gorgeous wooden base. The other obvious stylistic choice was the black rail. Not many would have chosen this feature, but its boldness really adds some flair to the bathroom. 

6. Attic Space

A great way to save space in  a small house is to make use of any unusual nooks it has, including attics. A common use for attic spaces is to renovate them into a playroom for the children. They don't mind the low ceilings or unusually shaped walls. This also means that there's usually very little work that needs to be done to make an attic functional. You put on some fresh paint and add a soft carpet so the kids are more comfortable, and viola! Of course, attics can be much more extensively remodeled, like this amazing transformation

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