Small Kitchens for Each Zodiac Sign

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Small Kitchens for Each Zodiac Sign

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
스칸디나비아 주방 by Galleria del Vento 북유럽
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Does your star sign really influence your daily your life? So much so, that you are considering incorporating your zodiac sign into your home, as a creative and decorative option for your small kitchen? In this Ideabook, we look at the colours, shapes and lighting that will make your small kitchen look amazing and of course drawing on inspiration from your sign of the zodiac. What better way to be at peace with the cosmos!

Capricorn: Elegant and Serious

Capricorn is now as the most serious sign of the zodiac, but it is also elegant and independent, while being practical too. Sober colours, wooden detail create a harmonious and traditional effect that is just gorgeous. Now how about: Exploring Three Stunning South African Kitchens?

Sagittarius: The Friendly and Versatile

Sagittarius is known as being a lover of travel, which is why this dreamy kitchen design has combined various elements to create a harmonious and unusual space that is bright and brilliant, using vibrant colours, textured design and unique materials for an attractive effect.

Aquarius: The Intellectual Free Thinker

Blue hues and natural surrounding are what sets the tone for these intellectual free thinkers. Consider a magnificent Mediterranean style kitchen with shades of blue dominating the space and fantastic illumination brightening up the kitchen, while natural sunlight is incorporated into the design.

Gemini: A Little More Conversation

미니멀리스트 주방 by homify 미니멀

Geminis thrive on good conversation, which is why the kitchen for a Gemini would need to be a fantastic place to interact with great company. They have a need to be heard and a kitchen island with some comfortable seating, creates the perfect setting for the ever chatty personality.

Libra: The Balanced Artist

Libras need balance to make their life complete and this black and white kitchen is the perfect example of a balanced space for these artistic types. It's sleek and stylish, appealing to both sides of this sign. This is a gorgeous kitchen idea to recreate in your own home, but you may want to contact a professional joiner to get those cabinets perfect.

Cancer: Calm and Serenity

미니멀리스트 주방 by homify 미니멀 화강암

Cancer is a zodiac sign that enjoys tranquillity, peace and relaxation, which is why this neutral décor and natural lighting is a fantastic kitchen choice. There are very few extra decorative objects, making the space harmonious in every way.

​Scorpio: Original and Sophisticated

Scorpio is all about elegance and originality and this kitchen is the perfect fit to combine classic furniture that will remain trendy and tasteful for years to come with stunning décor that makes a statement in design and modern features.

Pisces: The Cheerful and Extroverted

식민지스타일 주방 by homify 콜로니얼 (Colonial) 타일

Pisces is a sign with an expressive nature that enjoys the company of others, and this colourful backsplash shows off the vibrant and cheerful attitude of this sign. It’s a modern style with a vivacious and contemporary design.

Virgo: Meticulous and Detailed

minimalist kitchen is the perfect space for a Virgo to relax and concentrate on cooking, with fewer additions, décor and frills added to the space. This modern and uncluttered kitchen is a dream come true for any Virgo.

Aries: Dynamic and Impulsive

An Aries is often known as being impulsive, impatient and competitive and these defining traits means that this personality would like nothing less than to have a stylish kitchen filled with light, unusual colour and of course elegant vitality. This colourful kitchen idea fits the need of an Aries perfectly!

Leo: Strong Leaders

모던스타일 주방 by homify 모던

Leos are known as being strong leaders and the vivid and striking colours used in this kitchen depicts the personality of this star sign in all its glory. The yellow cabinets along with the elegant black details make a solid combination of style.

Taurus: The Nature Lover

This earth sign is reliable, practical and homely, which is why a rustic kitchen design suits this personality. The ideal kitchen for a Taurus will feature wooden elements that showcase that adoration for nature and when combined with white and red, the kitchen is warm and inviting too.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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