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10 must-know housekeeping shortcuts

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These days, what most of us lack most is time. Our lives are becoming increasingly busy, and a time-poor existence is all too familiar. So when you do have a moment free, the last thing you want to be doing is spending your precious time worrying about cleaning and domestic chores! You want to be socialising with friends, catching up with family,  and generally relaxing. However, keeping your home clean is a necessity, and essential to a comfortable life. So what are you to do? Speeding up your cleaning is a must, which will ensure you spend less time cleaning, and more time doing the things you love.

To help you become more efficient, and improve your day-to-day capabilities, we’ve got 10 must-know housekeeping shortcuts that are sure to increase your productivity. So, read on below, and next time you give your dwelling a refresh, perform it swiftly and speedily.

1. Before you start cleaning, de-clutter!

Clutter is one of the biggest impediments to a thoroughly clean house, as well as making it difficult and more time consuming.

Ensure you remove all the mess and junk from the area you are cleaning, to ensure you get the job done quickly and in the least problematic manner.

2. Learn some quick bed-making tips

Professionals know how to make a bed quickly and efficiently. Stop wrestling with your bed linen and learn how to do it with minimal hassle. Figure out where the label is on your fitted sheet, as this often tells you which end and corner the sheet should be placed. If you don’t have a label, sew on some markers to demarcate the corners and ends, which will help you next time you have to make the bed.

3. Use the right material for dusting

When dusting microfibre is the way to go. Other materials such as cotton and linen can actually cause more dust and particles than they remove, adding to your workload. Microfibre will lift dust from the surface, and this very fine synthetic yarn can be easily washed and reused each time.

4. Go natural with your essentials

Forget harsh chemicals that can affect your home’s overall toxicity, instead opt for simple natural solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about cleaning your home with organic alternatives, check out: 9 natural ways to clean your home

5. Before you start mopping, vacuum

Especially relevant for the kitchen, it is a good idea to vacuum any dust and crumbs first; otherwise they will clog your mop, and render it ineffectual.

6. Get creative with your cleaning instruments

Do you have an old toothbrush? This handy instrument is perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas in sinks, and kitchen appliances.

7. Remove dust from curtains

Cleaning curtains is a nuisance, which is why most individuals only do it once a season (sometimes once a year or less!). However, curtains are notorious for harbouring dust. Vigorously pat them down or hit them with a towel to loosen the dust, which can then be vacuumed. Just remember to do this before you begin cleaning!

8. Add a trash bag to every room while you clean

When cleaning each room, it is a good idea to place a rubbish bag in each area, to ensure you don’t have to keep running to the kitchen. At the end you can gather all of the bags, and throw them out together.

9. Don't forget places you cannot immediately see

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Often if you can’t see it you don’t clean it, but the fact is, leaving areas dirty just makes things worse over time. The balcony is a classic example of this, which should be cleaned as regularly as the home, as it comes in contact with outside pollutants and airborne grime.

10. Clean the bathroom last

And finally, the bathroom. Be sure to clean your washroom last, as it is likely you will be using it to wash your hands, and by cleaning it last you will minimise transferring bacteria into other areas of your abode.

Want more? Check out: 8 balcony makeovers you need to see and keep reading!

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