Colours Make This Family Home Breathtaking

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Colours Make This Family Home Breathtaking

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모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by Susana Camelo 모던
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So many homeowners want bright, colourful homes but are afraid that if they add too many hues their home will end up looking tacky. This home shows us that adding colour can be tasteful and vibrant, even without a limited pallet! Interior designer Susana Carmelo has decked this home out in a thoughtful design that achieves a Wow! in each of the home's unique rooms. Let's look into this bright marvel for some colour inspiration. 

Loud Living Room

In both texture and colour this living room is loud and bright. The largest point of harmony is the various shades of blue including the velvet carpet, the deep couch, the saturated wall, and the patterned pillows. Otherwise the colours hardly repeat, but they're all in a vibrant glossy tone that gives them some continuity. The palm leaves lend this room its final wild touch.

Subtle Sitting Room

While this room appears subtle in comparison with the living room the yellow and green accents are still apparent and dramatic. The most splendid element is certainly the yellow chair. It has a unique scooped shape and a detailed pattern that matches the browns elsewhere in the space. We also love that reflective light fixture with it's layered disks. It makes the table seem more dramatic. 

Rainbow Splendor

If you were looking to add some rainbows to your home, this room is some great inspiration. Notice that the designer has made this amazing wall piece stand out among the various other neutrals in the room. The one piece has more than enough colour for the whole room and further colour, especially colour that doesn't match, could run the risk of making the room too busy. Instead, this room has a certain sophistication from the glass table and modern lighting that you wouldn't expect in a room with such bright colours. 

Rainbow Nursery

Here's a childlike rainbow that makes this nursery bright and joyful. The thick yellow carpet and the cute yellow pillow add some more colour to the space. Also, because the blue wall is simply the sky background for the rainbow, this nursery is gender-neutral. You could use this wonderful style for each of your children. 

Blue Courtyard

We've left the child-like nursery for a very sophisticated sitting room. It's mix of soft textures in browns and black that look absolutely luxurious. The most colourful component of this room is actually the courtyard. With blue toned glass and a skylight, the whole room glows. This must be a particularly amazing effect at night when the rest of the room is dark. 


The combination of yellows and blues that's worked so well throughout the home has returned in the playroom. There's also hints of green on the wall and in the decor, along with a light moss green in the furniture. Everything has been kept soft in this space, to give it a gentle atmosphere for the quiet play of the kids. 

If you loved the wild colour you found here, then this family home is for you! If your style is a touch more subtle and soft, then this minimalist home on a cliff will appeal to you instead. 

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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