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Decorating with a dash of radical red

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Home Appia Antica 인더스트리얼 욕실 by CAFElab studio 인더스트리얼
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Colour has always been a striking way to make a room feel fresh and different, whether from design scratch or as part of a grand interior refurbishment. Colours are like languages—though entirely visual and based on perceptible hues, they’re highly symbolic; different colours will define different parameters of mood, sensation, feeling and vibe, so it’s a good idea to make some wise choices when it comes to painting your walls or ceiling. As far as colours go, the primary ones can be the brightest, and as far as they’re concerned, ravishing red is perhaps the boldest, most romantic and striking option of the whole spectrum. Red, after all is a powerful tone—it evokes passion, bullfights, intense desires and cravings. You may want to make sure you use it wisely! (or indeed, in the right room, with the right accompaniments). Ultimately, when well used to effect, red is a brilliant option for the interior space. Check out these fabulous examples of how it’s done.

Passionate bedroom space

As a colour, red is most commonly recommended for eating and living spaces—due to its powerful effect on the body, it can raise a heart rate, get the blood flowing and create agitation. It is for this reason, decorating with red in the bedroom seems ludicrous and illogical. However, when red is utilised correctly in a bedroom, it generates a strong atmosphere of comfort and security. When employing this deep fiery tone into your surroundings remember to coordinate it with soft textures, comfortable fabrics and warm surfaces. Try adding a feature wall of red to the bed-facing wall in your bedroom and experience the cosiness and solace of this passionate hue.

A hint of red

Cadogan Place 클래식스타일 거실 by DO Design Studio 클래식
DO Design Studio

Cadogan Place

DO Design Studio

Is an entire feature wall a little too much? Consider a simple piece of feature furniture such as this Eames-style rocker; it will enhance the space by adding a pinch of vibrancy. Moreover, it can be used to create interest in the space, red is often a talkative colour, it encourages communication and conversation—place this bright gem in a space such as a casual living or kitchen area and watch it work its magic.

Dark and desirable…

Red is the colour of desire; it is associated with our cravings and our appetites, and it is for this reason that it makes a perfect accent or mood light for almost any space in the home. Add a red feature lamp such as this one to your living space and create a dreamy and amorous ambience, just don’t forget the vintage Bordeaux and you’ll have yourself a space that is subtle yet vivid, cosy and above all, romantic.


주방 by homify

With red being the colour that increases appetite, it is no wonder that it is used around the world in restaurants, diners, cafes and bars. It is a surprise however, that red is not often included in the home kitchen. Think about spicing up your eating/cooking space with a colour that will ensure you are feeling ravenous by the time dinner arrives. Employ a red hue deep in colour such as this example and contrast it with a clean crisp tone such as a stark white or off-white to ensure it does not overwhelm the space and instead remains spacious and open.

Sparkling red shower

Home Appia Antica 인더스트리얼 욕실 by CAFElab studio 인더스트리얼
CAFElab studio

Home Appia Antica

CAFElab studio

Who said bathrooms couldn’t have their own personality and charm, this example proves that with a hint of red tiling in the shower, the room can take on an element of depth and intrigue. This space is neutral and warm—with the attention-grabbing red shower it is transformed into something special, a feature, and a stylish wash space. Try incorporating a little red into your bathroom and start (or end) the day feeling passionate, energised, fiery and fierce.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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