7 ways to make store-bought furniture unique

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7 ways to make store-bought furniture unique

April Kennedy April Kennedy
지중해스타일 거실 by Egue y Seta 지중해
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A house isn't a home without some unique, personal items. It's easy, of course, to add photos, artworks or objects from your travels. But how do you deal with those totally generic pieces of furniture that are often cheap and fit perfectly into most little homes? Well, with just a little creativity, you can enjoy the efficiency of mass-produced furniture and make a home uniquely yours. Don't believe us? Come with us to explore 7 ways to make store-bought furniture unique! It's not as difficult at it seems…

1. Make a statement with a fresh coat of glossy paint

지중해스타일 거실 by Egue y Seta 지중해

Dress up a simple cheap stool or chair with your favourite colour in all its fabulous glory. A glossy bright colour will add a lot of flair and will really personalise the home. Perhaps you could team it with a feature wall. This turquoise living room is sure to inspire!

2. Add some sparkle with metallic tints

CERAMICA AMOROSA의 클래식 , 클래식 도자기

Metallics are a huge trend at the moment and it's always easy to add a little sparkle to your furniture with metallic paint. One popular DIY project is styling up a cheap IKEA lamp by spray painting the interior with silver or gold. Perhaps you just add a few dabs to an existing design. Check out this little blue and gold bowl for inspiration.

3. Explore the geometric look

Antoine Goulet의 스칸디나비아 사람 , 북유럽

If you want to add a really stylish touch to your home, create your own geometric patterns and paint up a storm. All you need is masking tape and your favourite colours at hand.

4. Illustrate some cheap white mugs

This simple white mug has a quirky illustration that really lifts it up a few notches. If you're not confident in your illustrating skills, look online for inspiration or search for some patterns to copy. These white mugs are so cheap that it's no great disaster if they get messed up. All you need is ceramic paint.

5. Tiles and stickers

Dutch Design Brand의 지중해 , 지중해

Add tile stickers or even real tiles to a little stool or table. You might even mix up the designs to create a really rich tapestry of colours, as seen here.

6. Swap out the table legs


Lots of cheap and generic tables come with ordinary metal chair legs. These can often be easily unscrewed and replaced with far more stylish options. Just look for new table legs in an online shop and swap them out. Check out some furniture and accessories professionals here at homify for inspiration too.

7. The power of dye

SAGA by Skandihome

Fabric dye can get a little pricey, but it's a really good way to help create a unified colour scheme in your home. It might even take a little patterned throw rug in an unexpected direction.

For more home inspiration, check out The sparkling makeover of a dingy home.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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