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8 beautiful and original staircases

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
모던스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by Chazarreta-Tohus-Almendra 모던
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The stairs of the house is more than just a way to get from one level to the next. It’s a means of decoration, and in some cases, this untapped décor and design space can make an immense difference to your home interior. In this edition of homify, we have a look at 8 fascinating and attractive stairs designs and which is best for your home, whether your choice is typically traditional or eclectic and modern.

1. Sleek and modern

This stylish option is a great design for that sleek and elegant modern home that enjoys light and space. The wooden stairs and the glass railing is a simple and updated take on a classic design.

2. The spiral

staircase such as this is definitely an attractive and eye-catching choice for any home, but opting for a square design instead of the curvy spiral option is brilliant too. The straight lines along with the warmth of the wood makes this option welcoming too.

3. The subtle

This design blends perfectly with the neutral tones of the interior, making this staircase design almost invisible. It is a fantastic option for the minimalist home, while being light, bright and inviting.

4. Glitzy affair

The staircase design here is all-white, while the glass balustrade adds an innate elegance and charming luxury to the room. This designer choice definitely makes a statement!

5. That industrial look

Spiral staircase to the mezzanine 모던스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by Railing London Ltd 모던
Railing London Ltd

Spiral staircase to the mezzanine

Railing London Ltd

If your home has a rustic or country character that makes it fascinating, then adding an industrial styled staircase might just be the finishing touch These steps as well as the wooden railing adds a friendly design to the cold black metal structure.

6. Artisanal approach

A design such as this is unique and unusual, but it will be a sensational decorative choice for your home interior, and when paired with the textured flagstone it’s sophisticated and stylish.

7. Concrete creation

Have you considered concrete as a stair design choice for your home? It’s durable, contemporary and simply striking. You may want to contact a contractor to get this look in your home.

8. Amusing amazement

Proyectos de interiorismo varios 모던스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by estudio 60/75 모던
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

We’ve saved the best for last! This is a fun idea for an eclectic home, and although it may be a bit quirky, it leaves a great deal of space beneath for extra storage, a fantastic staircase design for a small home. Now that we've got the stairs covered, you might want some wall inspiration, here are: 19 easy wall decoration ideas for your home.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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