10 decor mistakes we make in the bedroom

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The design of our bedrooms must be able to accommodate our needs perfectly. People often make mistakes in their bedroom design that limit their productivity and  their ability to have a great sleep. Bedrooms often get overlooked. Its projects get shelved in favour of kitchen or living room makeovers. The bedroom, however, is the most intimate room in our house. It’s where we begin and end every day. 

You owe it to yourself to make it a special place that will help you get the most out of each day. We’ll show you the remedy for common mistakes that are made in bedroom design and decor.

1. Not having anywhere to sit

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Bloomint design

A lot of bedrooms are devoid of any seating and just feature the bed. A bedroom is a special place to unwind and recharge, it’s not just for sleeping! You will have better night’s rest if you use the bed only for when you go to sleep. We’re not saying you have to put an entire sofa in your room. Try even a simple bench at the end of the bed. An armchair in the corner of the room gives you a place to read or check your phone in the mornings. A sitting area saves your bed from unnecessary wear and tear.

2. The wrong colour bed linens

Some bedrooms have all white linens that look like a hotel or hospital room. Having these plain linens are a good idea if you have some wild style going on in the rest of the room. Otherwise, it looks drab to have plain sheets. The bedspread is a great canvas that can be taken advantage of and is an inexpensive way to punch up a room. Consider the function of your bedroom; if you want to create a calming space, then opt for a neutral or a soft pattern. If you want an invigorating space that will make you wake up with joy every morning, then go ahead and pick bold colours and patterns.

3. Boring walls

People like to keep the walls of bedrooms bare and plain most of the time. It’s a mistake to have no personality in your wall space. The bedroom is a space that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to wall treatments!

Consider using contact wall paper to easily make an accent wall. You can also freshen up a bare wall with string lights.

4. Being limited by your space

Even a small bedroom can be an amazing space! It’s a mistake to not put effort into design because you think the small room is a write off. Being limited by the available space in your bedroom is just a challenge that will inspire more creativity. 

For more design ideas to help you with your small spaces, check out our feature on a small but sleek family home.

5. No mirrors

Mirrors in a bedroom are important for getting ready in the morning so that you don’t run back and forth between the bathroom mirror and your closet. They also work to brighten up the space and make a room appear larger. If you don’t have a fancy wardrobe with a mirror, then consider installing a mirror in a convenient place.

6. Wires and cords everywhere

Without a doubt, we always have to recharge our phones, e-readers, tablets, and laptops. Consider the devices you use everyday in your design. Create a special place for them to go charge out of sight. A bedroom with cables everywhere looks messy and poorly arranged. Also, find a way to tuck lamp and alarm clock cords out of the way as well. Nail-in cable clips are your friend.

7. Nothing to help you get ready

Having a vanity table is extremely helpful in the morning. It’s a place to comfortably get ready instead. Much better than hovering over the bathroom sink trying to use the mirror! you can modify a dresser or side table into a vanity by fitting it with some tabletop storage and a mirror.

8. Poor Lighting

Too many bedrooms are lit by a lone and harsh overhead light. Giving some thoughtful consideration for the lighting of a space can provide an instant practical makeover. Lights can be mounted and installed anywhere easily. Consider using a mix of lighting for different times of the day and different moods.

9. Too many different shades

Some bedrooms have an unclear colour scheme. Keeping to an elegant neutral palette makes for a stunning bedroom. You can feature some luxurious accent colours to make your space look more lavish. 

homify can connect you with interior designers and decorators to help you find the perfect colours for your home.

10. No writing table

Let’s face it, many of us are going to be replying to emails first thing in the morning. It’s convenient to have a small desk space inside your bedroom that’s removed from the rest of the house. Having a place for the laptop also helps make sure that it’s always charged and ready to go. Don’t sit with your laptop on your lap in bed, it’s not good for preparing to go to sleep!

Thanks for reading our design don’ts for the bedroom. If you want more, check out our feature on dining room mistakes!

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