10 affordable hotel-style bathroom ideas

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10 affordable hotel-style bathroom ideas

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Kumar Moorthy & Associates의  욕실, 에클레틱 (Eclectic)
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In this edition of homify, we concentrate on making your bathroom more attractive, comfortable and stylish. A hotel inspired bathroom design is one of the easiest ways to add some modern and chic elements into your existing bathroom. But, we have considered your budget as well! These 10 bathrooms are relaxing, luxurious and charming! Now let’s get started on making your home bathroom unbelievable as well.

1. Creative space

Just because your bathroom space is limited, doesn’t mean it needs to look cramped an untidy. Opt for some creative décor that will an aesthetic touch to the atmosphere. Remember to look for unused space, such as that area beneath your basic, and include an adorable wooden cupboard or wicker chair to store towels and other bathroom items. While you at it, include a fantastic bathroom mirror to suit the rest of the bathroom. Blue is a great choice when paired with wooden décor, the overall effect is just so serene!

2. An artistic approach

Have you ever noticed that hotel bathrooms usually have paintings included in the décor? Well, this is another easy and effective way to create that aesthetic appeal and luxurious effect to your bathroom. And by including some fascinating pot plants, your bathroom will look and feel fresher too, however, remember to choose plants that can handle high humidity.

3. To shelf or not to shelf?

How about considering these built-in storage spaces for your bathroom wall, instead of the old fashion bathroom shelf? Well, that’s sure to be a stylish and creative way to make your bathroom so much more unique.

4. The green effect

There’s something sensational about adding some gorgeous greenery to your bathroom, whether it be a peek from the balcony or roof or how about incorporating a private patio such as this into your bathroom? Now that’s a great use of available space.

5. That spa look

A bathroom renovation often means considering dynamic ideas that stand out and make a statement, and what better way to do so then by going for a rustic inspired décor. This stone basic is a fantastic element that will create a spa-like effect in your bathroom. Consult a bathroom designer to get the look just right.

6. Colourful charm

There’s nothing more effective in a bathroom than adding some colourful and attractive accents for that fresh and welcoming effect. The vibrant use of mosaic tiles and rustic inspiration is a great way of redesigning a boring bathroom.

7. Something bright

Although a bathroom is usually neutral in colour, it’s good to be different. And this bright blue is a great choice to showcase that a bathroom can enjoy vivid colour as well. It is however important to consider colours that you just adore to amp up your interior.

8. Don't forget the bathroom wall

The old school bathroom was all about the essentials, just the bathtub, sink and toilet. But you can easily enhance your bathroom, by opting for some gorgeous lighting, which includes candles and maybe even some incense. This will make you bathroom instantly attractive.

9. Illumination

Strategic lighting is a great way to accentuate the limited space in your bathroom, and appeal to that perfect hotel design. In this image we can see how amazing the effect is when lighting is carefully planned and located in a perfect spot. It definitely creates an elegant environment.

10. Fit for royalty

Drummonds Bathrooms의  욕실, 지중해 타일
Drummonds Bathrooms

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London

Drummonds Bathrooms

This final bathroom definitely stands out from the rest. The colourful ceramic floor is a fantastic old-fashion design, while the shiny metal fixtures, glazing, illumination and royal-inspired bathtub are chic and elegant. It’s a great space to relax and unwind and imagine you are in a palace. Here are: 15 beautiful but affordable bathrooms to inspire you too.

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