The makeover of a young woman's 24sqm home

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The makeover of a young woman's 24sqm home

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by Tout Simplement Déco
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Good things really do come in small packages – that was the first thing that struck us when we took in today's home revamp. The newly transformed studio flat has enjoyed a stunning makeover which does full justice to its compact quarters. The home now brings out the beauty of the small space and gives us much inspiration, too! Read on for a complete before & after tour of this cosy studio apartment, masterfully brought to life by Tout Simplement Déco, architects in Paris. There's plenty to inspire you!

​Before: from an era of clutter

We have here a highly unimpressive space – a cramped, cluttered, untidy room with a kitchenette conjoining a working area. The blank walls do little to help, either. The only thing that can be said of this studio space is that it has the potential to become something better. 

​After: an elegant new look

It's difficult to imagine from this picture what the space originally was. The squalor and clutter has been replaced by a neat and elegant design scheme. The cream-hued cabinets have been tucked behind the chic glass door, while the light above throws a golden glow over the space and the hardwood floor glistens underfoot.

​Before: cramped and messy

The large furniture looked unwieldy in the small room and was cramping the style of the entire space. The homeowner, Karine, obviously needed a workstation along with the dining table, so this room required a new multifunctional spin.

After: stellar space usage

Now, a slim wooden table has been installed on one side of the space with white sliding doors to conceal unsightly possessions. This makes it a neat and convenient nook for breakfast as well as work. The white chairs add a distinct Parisian touch.

Before: spartan and plain

Prior to its makeover, the apartment was bereft of any proper organisation for the bedding and couch, which led to a sparse yet unsightly look.

​After: practical layout with chic touches

The living room is now a practical space where full use has been made of the available area to create a cosy environment. The couch and vintage-style chair face each other and encourage conversation, while the glossy white stools double up as perfect coffee tables.

​After: a mezzanine for sweet dreams

Sweet dreams are readily available in the new home, thanks to the idyllic setting created with a simple mezzanine. This white space accommodates a mattress and neutral-hued bedding for a comforting look.

​After: subtle and elegant

The home now proudly sports a look of subtle elegance with a playful vibe, thanks to the shape of the chair and fur-lined cushion. Flowers stand on the coffee table and the L-shaped kitchen sits with the breakfast nook on one side, giving a chic, neat look. The wooden floor adds the requisite warmth. Overall, this is a cosy and charming studio space that a homeowner can be proud of!

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