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Exploring inside three South African homes for inspiration

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
스칸디나비아 거실 by Life Design 북유럽
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Today on homify, we explore and admire three attractive and fantastic South African homes. The style and decor options for South African homes may be modern and minimalist, industrial and eclectic or even an homage to cosy country charm. The interior style depends on the taste and choice of the owner, the architects and even where the home is located. In this feature we consider the colour palette, details and materials of kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms. So prepare to be amazed by the contrast that makes these homes a sensational sight!

Kitchen 1: Rustic modern

This kitchen is warm, cosy and inviting. The all-white cabinets, along with the strong workspace and simple pastel colour palette adds to the charm. The modern appliances and large gas stove brings a designer element into the space, while the glazed cabinets are reminiscent of the ornament display you've seen in your grandma's home.

Kitchen 2: Sleek and shiny

The kitchen design here is filled with strong personality and a strict colour scheme. The darker tones utilised in the decor along with the white is a great contrast, but the kitchen definitely has more of a minimalist design… perfect for an upmarket apartment in the city.

Kitchen 3: An eclectic choice

Although an eclectic designer kitchen may not be the top choice for everyone. This kitchen decor is attractive, simple yet beautiful. The kitchen seems to be an update on the country inspired design, and with modern low hanging lights, sleek all-white countertops and sensational bar stools, this kitchen is perfectly planned to be modest yet different.

Living room 1: Simply styled

The living room design is classic and neutral, the pastel colour scheme and simple furniture. The large windows allow ample natural light, which keeps the room warm and cosy. The interior designers created a comfortable and stylish, the design will remain tasteful and trendy for the years to come.

Living room 2: Eclectic charm

This living room has been perfectly decorated in eclectic style, the aluminium chest of drawers, doubles up as a table and storage space, while the TV area complements the layout of the room as well. The grey laminated flooring is a great choice to make this space comfortable and welcoming too.

Living room: Retro inspired

The living room design is elegant and attractive, with perfectly placed retro-styled sofas decorating the large room and comfortable shaggy rug adding a funky vibe to the space. The wallpaper and use of colour, along with the artistic element instantly makes this room eye-catching.

Bedroom 1: Pastel chic

The first bedroom we admire is a great decor choice for a master suite. Its simple use of pastel colour, grey and darker headboard and pedestal. The style is beautiful and elegant, and the family photos included in the decor above the headboard add a personal touch that is just charming.

Bedroom 2: Something for the boys

Looking for ideas for your son's bedroom? Well, how about this blue bed linen and subtle soccer theme design to get your creativity flowing? By going for a contemporary yet modest element in the decor, the room can be updated in a few years, and won't cost you thousands to makeover.

Bedroom 3: Pink and pretty

So you've been thinking of giving your girls a bedroom that they can enjoy all the time, whether it be spending time alone or for a sleepover with some friends, a pretty pink girly bedroom is a fascinating choice that will get your girls ready for bedtime quickly and without much fuss. If you need some more ideas to decorate your bedroom, then these 10 bedroom ideas to inspire creativity are sensational!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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