12 of the best bedroom designs for your home

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12 of the best bedroom designs for your home

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미니멀리스트 침실 by BRO Design Studio 미니멀
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What makes the best bedroom? Is it the linen, the placement of furniture, or the accessories? Perhaps it is something less tangible such as the intrinsic aesthetic sensibilities that exude from within a room; the ambience, atmosphere and aura of the space. Essentially, the best bedroom depends wholly on the occupant and owner of the home. For some, the ideal sleeping quarters might encompass a sense of minimalism and Zen simplicity – for others, it might be an overstuffed bed, plenty of throw cushions and a feeling of warm homeliness.

To cover all bases, and ensure everyone finds a design they are sure to covet, we’ve gathered our 12 favourites. From sleek and modern bedrooms, to whimsical romantic hideaways, there is definitely something for all tastes and preferences. Check the out below and grab a few ideas for your new bedroom!

1. Simple luxury

Our first bedroom is wonderfully luxurious, but still presents a modest and chic aesthetic. It is simple, timeless and boasts an enviable combination of timber furniture and a bright colour scheme.

2. Tropical opulence

식민지스타일 침실 by homify 콜로니얼 (Colonial)

Escape to the Caribbean with this wonderful tropical bedroom that oozes Colonial glamour. With heavy furniture and drapes, a rich colour scheme and crisp white sheets, this space would be difficult to leave each morning!

3. Space-efficient sleeping

Beautiful bedrooms can also be practical bedrooms. This next example is a brilliant combination of both, with ample storage and a light-filled atmosphere. 

4. Romantic and sumptuous

Engel & Völkers Bodrum 모던스타일 침실 by Engel & Völkers Bodrum 모던
Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Romantic, sumptuous and utterly indulgent, this gorgeous space is truly one-of-a-kind! The four-poster bed takes centre stage, while the high gloss white floor brings an element of opulence to the rustic aesthetic. 

5. The bed cave

Part bed and part cubby house, this huge adult sleeping space is filled with a sense of playfulness. Simply pull the hidden stair from the cupboard below, climb aboard and head off to sleepy town. 

6. The bedroom and workspace

Often a bedroom has to satisfy multiple uses and needs. In this instance a small study area and workspace has been included. Practical and stylish, it works seamlessly to provide a usable, multi-purpose space. 

7. Light, airy and serene

Tiled bedrooms are perfect for a hot city such as Singapore, as they constantly provide a cooling ambience, as well as lowering the temperature of the room. This bedroom is bright and inviting, with enough colourful features to feel cheerful and lively. 

8. Sophisticated and timeless

For that truly sophisticated feeling in your bedroom you need three things; wall art, modular or built-in furniture, and a neutral, timeless colour scheme. This room succeeds with all of those things, and is effortlessly alluring in the process. 

9. Room for two

모던스타일 침실 by homify 모던

To accommodate two children or teenagers, designers have opted for a bunk bed in this beautiful bedroom. Not your standard bunk setup, this room is sleek and trendy, with a sense of luxury and age-defiance. 

10. The loft bed

To free up space in this bedroom, the sleeping surface has been placed at a loft height. In doing so, the underneath area opens up to form a private study space, which is perfect for adults or children of all ages. 

11. The perfect play space

Let's not forget the little ones in our lives! This child's room is truly spectacular. Boasting a dual sleeping platform, as well as an additional bunk that can be used for playing or guests, this room is wonderfully inviting.

12. A colourful teenagers retreat

에클레틱 아이방 by homify 에클레틱 (Eclectic)

Finally, this teenager's room is remarkably colour and enchanting, with a bright colour scheme of reds and whites. Offering a study space, double bed, and enough fab features to keep any teen busy, it is definitely one of the best bedrooms we've seen. 

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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