A Bright New Home For A Pair Of Lovebirds

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A Bright New Home For A Pair Of Lovebirds

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nuリノベーション의  벽, 에클레틱 (Eclectic)
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Shibuya in Tokyo is a special ward dotted with ultramodern and brilliantly illuminated high-rises. And it is here that a young couple approached the restoration and renovation experts at Nu Renovation to transform a drab home into a colourful and lively space. Though extremely dull before, the house now explodes with bright colours, pretty patterns, trendy furniture and a cheerful simplicity. It is now the perfect abode for the newly-weds to make priceless memories.

Before: Lacklustre and gloomy

Boring white walls and traditional wooden accents made this residence a spiritless place without cosy or bright touches. No wonder the couple wanted a dramatic transformation.

After: Bright and trendy interiors

Vibrant dining chairs, stylish lights and pattern play in the open kitchen add oodles of pizzazz to the home now. The light-hued wooden floor, freshly painted white walls, and metallic accents in the form of appliances and shelving supports make the residence chic, smart and contemporary as well.

After: Minimalistic living

Adorned with a plush navy carpet, a quirky tree trunk for coffee table, and a sleek L-shaped bench that also holds the TV, the living area is an epitome of stylish minimalism. Focused lights, a lush indoor plant in the corner, and a couple of patterned cushions add to the unique charm of the area.

After: Nook for nature lovers

What a great little spot for exchanging thoughts over tea! The verdant piece of greenery also makes it a pleasure to sit here and read books or meditate. The sleek array of glass bricks on the wall behind the lady, make for a stylish statement here.

After: Pretty kitchen

Gleaming appliances, a smooth countertop, and gorgeous tiles on the backsplash make the kitchen a pretty and cosy space. We love how spices and condiments have been organised near the cook top and above the chimney head, while the arched doorway leads to the laundry.

After: Smart dining

A sleek wooden table has been attached with the steel countertop of the kitchen, to cater to yummy gourmet experiences. Colourful chairs add life to the space, while charming lanterns cast a soothing glow over everything. Shelves behind the dining space meet storage needs effectively.

After: Simple but happy bedroom

Rendered primarily in white, the bedroom is a simple and minimalistic space where comfort is the main focus. The duvet sports large polka dots and adds a hint of fun to the large, plush bed, while a sleek ledge helps in arranging essentials. The glass bricks allow light to filter in from the living room, without hampering privacy.

Trendy and tasteful touches, bright and light hues, pretty lights and smart ideas have turned this once mundane Japanese home into a treat for the senses. Here’s another makeover story to inspire you further - A Decaying Heritage Home Restored To Modern Glory.

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