7 ideas to copy from a great house

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7 ideas to copy from a great house

Bethan Jones – homify Bethan Jones – homify
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Reflecting a gorgeous traditional style, this absolutely stunning, new, two-level residence delivers unbeatable family lifestyle appeal in a quaint village setting.

Gloriously radiant inside, high ceilings and a definable modern décor distinguish the open plan communal areas that always feel warm and welcoming. An air of refinement exists throughout the grandly proportioned bedrooms, which will no doubt serve the young family who reside inside well into the future.  

Designed by Polish architects, Domy, you'll soon grow to appreciate the firm's eye for details. So, with no further introduction necessary, come and take a tour of this outstanding residence.

Original article by Luke Riley for homify UK

Fabulous façade

Here stands the newly completed family domain. The exterior looks fresh and modern, whilst the form of the home design takes on a more traditional appearance.

A white render emphasises the home's form and contrasts wonderfully against the timber frames and dark blue tiles. We love how the white render makes the home look picture perfect.

Space for the whole family

Upon entering, the home opens up to a magnificent communal area, which is full of natural light accentuated by the high ceilings and beautiful wooden floorboards. This low positioned image perfectly captures the open floor plan of the ground floor, where you'll find the living, dining and cooking areas.

We love how the open internal form is punctuated by an all-white scheme, which is further enhanced by the abundance of natural light that enters, creating a living space that's tangibly light and beautiful. 

Always warm and cosy

The dining table is the centrepiece of the space and has been paired with gorgeous white leather upholstered chairs, which ooze luxury and class.

Our eyes are drawn to the modern fireplace that's housed within an internal wall. Its sleek design is not only pleasing to the eye, it also has fully adjustable and smart temperature controls to ensure that those inside are always comfortable.  

For the keen home chef

Here is the home's minimalist inspired kitchen. It's a space that not only looks amazing but has also been designed for the dedicated home chef.

Thanks to an abundance of cabinets there's plenty of storage space so all the owner's kitchenware can be stored away attractively. Appliances are also integrated into the cabinetry to ensure a seamless look.

The sleek bathroom

The bathroom is the epitome of luxurious living. A magnificent spa bathtub has all the desired features of an exciting bath time experience. Elsewhere, the space has particular showroom appeal thanks to the high gloss floor tiles and seamless cabinetry.

However, the real eye-catcher in the room is the wall of black mosaic tiles, which contrast marvellously against the white of the rest of the room.

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