120m² house that satisfied parents in their 30s and their 3 kids

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120m² house that satisfied parents in their 30s and their 3 kids

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세아이의 보물섬 - 이천 지석리주택: 주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토의  주택
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Spread over an area of 120 square metres, this stylish and lively family home in Jiseokri, Korea, is the sanctuary of a young couple with three children. Its bold facade, expansive garden, smart organisational hacks and fluidic interiors hold appeal for both parents and little ones. The house was carefully designed by the architects at Home Style Tote to make interaction among family members easy. A particular highlight is the utilitarian yet playful staircase and a creative den where mum indulges in some knitting during quiet hours…

Stylish touches

Close to the facade we discover that the striped grey entrance and black door frames bring a lovely contrast to the white walls of the house. Potted blooms ensure a refreshing look, while the neat wooden deck lets children play happily.

Bold and chic facade

Taking a step back, we see the striking facade with its slopes, lines and a brilliant dash of fiery orange looks uniquely bold and playful. Large glass doors and windows allow sunlight to generously flood the interiors during the day, while the wooden deck in front makes for a warm, earthy feel.

What a surprise!

We certainly weren’t expecting the wooden deck to reveal a compact little swimming pool! It’s just perfect for the kids to splash around in on a hot day.

Fun in the sun

마당에서 뛰노는 아이들: 주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토의  정원

The large well-kept garden in front of the house has more than enough space for the three munchkins and their friends to frolic about on pleasant sunny days. The parents can supervise the little ones too, while enjoying some cool drinks on the deck.

Bright and clever cloakroom

The peppy blue door and honeycomb-shaped floor tiles add oodles of pizzazz to the extremely functional cloakroom with its sensible storage solutions. A mix of closed cabinets and open shelves allow the family to organise shoes, umbrellas, caps, bags and belts with ease. And with three kids in the house, controlling clutter is a priority!

Fashionable kitchen

The abode follows a contemporary open-plan layout, with functional spaces merging in a fluid manner. The open and minimalistic kitchen enjoys the presence of a double-height ceiling thanks to the mezzanine, and seems very bright and breathable. A sleek kitchen island, smooth and fuss-free cabinets and contemporary fixtures make cooking a joyful experience here. A mix of bright task lights and quirky wall-mounted lights add some dazzle.

Cosy and inspiring living

Chic sofas with soft and dark blue upholstery make this simple living space ideal for relaxation and entertainment. Pale-hued walls, floor and ceiling ensure a feeling of openness, while the window seat with nooks is a haven for bookworms. The large window ushers in adequate sunlight during daytime, but if you want to watch a movie, simply unfurl the screen above the window and turn on the projector for a fantastic show!

Mum’s craft haven

옷을 만드는 홈팩토리 미싱룸: 주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토의  드레스 룸
주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토

옷을 만드는 홈팩토리 미싱룸

주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토

Lined with floor-to-ceiling shelves, an L-shaped desk for brainstorming and modern knitting machines, this sleek but long den is where the mother pursues her craft-based passions. Despite her supremely busy schedule, she manages to indulge in a hobby that relaxes and interests her.

A staircase with a difference

Rendered in stylish light-hued wood and black metal, this staircase is an elegant piece of art in this house. But what sets it apart from commonplace designs is the storage bench on the landing and the sleek slide right next to the flight of stairs on the left. What a wonderful place for the little ones to read, chat, play and have fun!

Sociable interiors

The house, as we mentioned before, focuses on easy interaction between different spaces, and allows a complete view of the ground floor from the mezzanine. This way, the parents can keep an eye on the kids while they're cooking, eating or lounging around in the living area.

This Korean home has stolen our hearts with its playful simplicity, innovative ideas and storage-friendly designs. For more inspiration, check out another home tour: The little wooden home of your dreams.

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