42 palette ideas that you can directly copy

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42 palette ideas that you can directly copy

Will Sayner Will Sayner
amiko espacios의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)
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 Growing environmental awareness has resulted in far more recycled and environmentally friendly products flooding into the market. Upcycling, or taking a disused old product and turning it into something better, has become increasingly popular.

 There are plenty of professionally made products on the market, but with a little patience, ingenuity and paint you can create your own cheap, stylish and environmentally friendly furniture.

With this in mind, today we’ll be showing you how you can take a low cost industrial palette, and turn it into some stunning furniture.

 So, here are forty-two ways you can create your own palette furniture!

1. Turn it into a table and chair for the terrace.

2. Just add some feet and you’ve got a coffee table.

3. You can turn it into attractive indoor furniture too; like these benches.

4. Create a pallet coffee table with convenient mobility by adding four wheels.

5. Why not create a palette couch?

6. Add a little colour and match your palette furniture to the room.

7. Build a sofa for the terrace!

8. Or a cosy corner sofa for the garden.

9. Stack a few together and add some paint, and you have a table at just the right height.

10. Paint the palettes for a posh outdoor sofa.

11. Break up the palettes and add some varnish to create some really stunning furniture.

12. Deck out your terrace with matching palette furniture

Pallet furniture uk의 에클레틱 , 에클레틱 (Eclectic)
Pallet furniture uk

Garden corner unit

Pallet furniture uk

13. With the right paint and finish palettes can become great indoor furniture too.

14. Use them to add some colour to your garden.

15. Cut a piece of glass to the appropriate size and create an even more palatable table.

16. Mix palette seating with some creative lighting and you’ve got an awesome place to throw a party.

17. What would you say to palette deckchairs?

18. Would you have realised this furniture was made from palettes?

asdf의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

19. A cheap and easy little table.

20. Cushioned comfort from a palette.

21. You can also make a headboard from the palette.

22. In fact, you can make the whole bed from the palette!

homify의 인더스트리얼 , 인더스트리얼

24. But why stop there?

25. A little craftsmanship and you can construct a nightstand.

26. Or a rustic bedside table.

starg의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

27. Or a superb little drawer.

28. Build a recycled dinner table.

30. Build a brilliant armchair.

31. Add glass for a stylish coffee table.

32. Varnish your palette table for a surprisingly slick finish.

33. Use a palette to make multi-purpose furniture.

34. You can construct an entire room from pallets and crates.

인더스트리얼 서재 / 사무실 by homify 인더스트리얼

35. A palette can be turned into a shelf easily.

36. In a variety of styles too!

37. Pallets make versatile bathroom storage.

38. Another bright idea for the garden.

39. Do you have a place to put your pots?

40. Step things up with your palette recycling.

41. Build a wall-mounted way to display potted plants.

42. We can extend that idea even further!

 We hope you have fun filling your home with funky palette furniture. For more creative furniture ideas, take a look at this guide to decorating your home with books.

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