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4 modern houses (with plans) that you will love

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by MARIANGEL COGHLAN 모던
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Building a modern home takes more than just an idea, it takes planning. In this Ideabook we have a look at some amazing contemporary home designs, while sneaking a peek at their plans, the interior and the layout too. The smallest detail can make a world of difference to a home, and these four houses are elegant, fabulous and attractive too. So, if you are considering some sophisticated charm for your modern home, but aren’t sure where to begin, this homify feature will definitely get you back on track. Let’s see how some creativity can make your home unbelievable!

1. A two-storey home with a dreamy interior

The interior designer of this elegant home ensured that it is so creative and attractive. The plans are included below for an intricate look at the detail of this beautiful house.

Lower level

From the layout and furniture choice of this home interior, we can see that the home welcomes light from all angles.

The final product

The home is not only contemporary in design, but also has some added stylish elements, such as the piano that includes a welcome touch of fantasy in the spacious and social loving interior. This dining room will be an amazing place for entertaining!

Simply superb

2. The modern family house

아시아스타일 수영장 by homify 한옥 마분지

This house has two storeys, one being the entertainment and social hub of the home, while the top floor is the private space, housing the sleeping quarters. In this image we catch a glimpse into the beauty and sophisticated style of the house.

A closer look

아시아스타일 수영장 by homify 한옥

The exterior of this home is elegant yet simple. The modern design and brick walls keeps the home looking fresh and attractive, while the architecture will remain trendy for many years.

3. An apartment with an ideal layout

The layout and plans of this chic apartment shows off the sensational architecture and style perfectly. The colours distinguish the different areas in the home, from the social space, to the outdoors and even the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Open plan living

The social area of the home includes an open plan space of a dining room, kitchen and living area. The neutral use of colour and brilliant illumination is a classic choice for a modern interior.

Well-utilised interior

The seamless look of this interior, perfectly displays the living room and dining area that have a contemporary décor.

Small balcony and exterior view

4. The functional apartment

This design and layout details the ideas that the team of architects hope to add to this functional, yet small apartment. The original floor plan has been included, along with the proposed alterations, making this modern apartment an attractive and comfortable feature.

3D rendered image

Modern technology is just amazing, it creates a 3D rendered image for a proposed design with so much attention to detail, you aren’t quite sure if it is the real thing. This helps designers and architects improve on their plan virtually, ironing out an issues beforehand, thereby creating a better structure and design as a result.

The actual apartment!

The inspirational living room and kitchen

If you liked these very different, yet modern homes, then here are: 13 entrance designs that will look fantastic in small houses.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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