8 teeny bathrooms with wonderful tiles

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8 teeny bathrooms with wonderful tiles

Betti Hunter – homify Betti Hunter – homify
The Broadway, SW19 - Extension & Bathroom Renovation 클래식스타일 욕실 by Grand Design London Ltd 클래식
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There's no avoiding the issue – small bathrooms can be horribly annoying. The severely limited space in tiny apartment bathrooms is often dark, narrow, and lacking any kind of storage space. In some cases, there isn't even room for a sink!

However, a lot of the small bathroom problems aren't a matter of space at all. Often, a little reworking can reveal big potential in the tiniest rooms. All it takes is a little creativity… and a lot of tiles! Check out how the designers of these eight tiny bathrooms managed to overcome the space limitations to create rooms that are both stylish AND functional. You'll be amazed…

1. Micro tiles in a glowing golden orange were used to brighten this small shower space

Alcoves were built into the wall, creating much needed storage for toiletries. How clever!

2. A mixture of tiles gives this eclectic bathroom a truly unique character.

Those tribal-style tiles brighten up what might otherwise be a bog-standard bathroom, while the glass sliding door and shelves keep it looking sleek and modern.

3. Don't think for a moment that industrial interiors are only for large rooms…

… this minuscule bathroom uses neutral marble and polished concrete to create a compact contemporary wonderland.

4. Think the only way forward is to paint everything white? THINK AGAIN!

Your small bathroom deserves more than a catch-all colour, and it can certainly handle a vibrant pattern mash-up. Ditch the neutrals and go bold with intricate tile decals and Bauhaus-style concrete walls.

5. Patterns are not the enemy – take inspiration from this flirty floral beauty and go all out with the detail.

The Broadway, SW19 - Extension & Bathroom Renovation 클래식스타일 욕실 by Grand Design London Ltd 클래식
Grand Design London Ltd

The Broadway, SW19 – Extension & Bathroom Renovation

Grand Design London Ltd

Helpful hint: Choose whatever kind of pattern you like the most – but try to find one with a light or neutral background colour, as seen here.

6. Retro prints and berry colours work like a charm in this cute downstairs bathroom.

모던스타일 욕실 by homify 모던

And look! The room looks twice the size thanks to the inclusion of a frameless wall-size mirror.

7. Have you ever seen monochrome like this before? The black micro tiles glisten like the mirrors on a disco ball, and light bounces off those gorgeous chrome fittings.

Check out that smart under-sink storage, too – very nice!

8. If your bathroom is a little larger, treat yourself to a luxurious curved shower cubicle. Together with smooth white tiling and wooden accents, it creates a Scandi dream!

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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