15 photos from a beautifully decorated home

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15 photos from a beautifully decorated home

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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A lovely spacious home is the dream of most people; maybe a two or three-storey house with copious space for storage, sleeping and entertaining. But, have you considered the possibilities of a small yet stylish one-storey home? Well, in this Ideabook, we visit an adorable modern house that is warm and inviting, but with a strong and simple design. The architects ensured the fantastic decor of the interior, by including a cosy and neutral colour palette. We can't wait to explore this home, and be inspired by the 15 fabulous photos!

Mid-level magic

The street view of the pretty façade shows a structure of simplicity and elegance. The addition of the large windows make the home charming and welcoming, while allowing natural sunlight to filter in throughout the day. The garden is adorable and adds a friendliness to the exterior of the home, too.

Welcoming pergola

The outdoor pergola creates a comfortable terrace area for this home. This means that the exterior can be an elegant extension of the home, too. It’s a great choice for those social occasions with loved ones!

On the flip side

The courtyard of this beautiful modern home is a welcome change from the privacy of the façade. The home has a completely open space in the centre, which is great for enjoying the fresh air and garden sights from any room.

Comfortable kitchen

The interior is supremely elegant, with a sophisticated yet neutral colour palette imparting a luxurious effect in this comfortable open-plan living area. The spacious dining room located next to the sleek kitchen island is easily accessible, making those social occasions a quick and enjoyable experience to set up.

Textured walls

The textured wall of this living room adds a comfortable rustic touch to the interior. The colours are simple and neutral, and create a wonderful aesthetic accentuated by the modern fireplace. Imagine curling up on the sofa after a long day at work, or how about cosying up by the fire with a good book to start your weekend?

Artful bathroom

The guest bathroom is another awesome feature of this elegant contemporary home. The coral-coloured countertops and wooden furniture maintain a light décor scheme, while the small woven leaves of the wallpaper add an artistic touch to the bathroom walls. The large mirror and dramatic lighting accentuate the size of this stylish bathroom.

Here are some more amazing images from this chic modern home:

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