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8 beautiful and affordable kitchens that you should copy immediately!

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Today building or remodeling a kitchen can be quite costly. You need to consider the material for the floor, the walls, the counter tops, the cabinets and even the appliances.

You want to be able to make the transformation that you want using good quality materials with a wonderful finished product at the best market price.

Often, however, we don't even dare to look at the more expensive options. When we are constructing a new kitchen or remodeling, we tend to look at the range of options that fit into our budget. This isn't something to worry about – there are so many wonderful kitchen options that don't have to cost a fortune.

In fact, today at homify we have put together 8 sleek kitchens that you should copy immediately!

Opt for ceramics

It is no secrete that granite or marble materials are quite expensive so if you don't have the budget to use these materials throughout your kitchen, opt instead for ceramic counter tops that work in harmony with ceramic tiled walls, like we see in this design by professionals Creative Axis Interiors.

Choose the most economical granite for the whole kitchen

Granite is one of the best options for cooking and you can play around with the costs by searching through the diverse range and seeing which one is the more cost-effective. You will surely find one that fits into your budget, allowing you to install granite in your kitchen.

Reuse cupboards and cabinets if possible

To completely change your kitchen and save money, put back furniture that you already have.

If you have wooden cabinets, for example, you can repaint them and put them back in, creating a refreshing look and feel in your kitchen space. You can also simply put a layer of laminate over them if they are another material, changing the style of your kitchen in an instant!

Explore various wood options for cabinets

Wood can be expensive, yes! But only if you do not choose the right type. Pine, for example, is one of the most economical and is perfect for cabinets. If you present it right, it can look amazing and modern as well as timeless, lasting a lifetime.

Experiment with the versatility of MDF

MDF is a material made of medium density fibreboard, which is perfect for furniture and kitchen cabinets. You can cover the with material to give them texture or paint them to resemble wood.

Opt for stone!

If you want to save some money during the construction or remodeling of your kitchen, opt for stone counters that work in harmony with the walls, which can be painted or feature ceramic tiles or bricks.

This will create a wonderful rustic look and feel.

Place mini-brick tiles with glass for a shiny effect on the walls

If you want to give some shine and colour to your kitchen, line the walls with this mosaic look and feel by using mini brick ties. Paired with mirrored cabinets, you can create a very edgy and stylish look in your kitchen.

The fabulous Microcemento

Microcemento has become one of the most economical and versatile options in the market, making it perfect for kitchen counters and cabinets.

It is made from a smooth cement that is 2mm thick and adheres very firmly.

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