Ideas and secrets to reduce the humidity in your home

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Ideas and secrets to reduce the humidity in your home

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There is a certain excitement that comes with buying your own house, but that excitement definitely doubles (at least) when you get to build your own living space. Of course you want the best creation that can fit your budget, and with that comes a certain amount of style and practicality.

Now, just imagine the horror of walking into your new home and finding that the indoor humidity is less than desired – especially in a country with such high temperatures as ours. Not only will this be most uncomfortable, but it could also lead to respiratory problems and allergies.

Excessive moisture in the house can be due to many reasons like structural damage and bad construction. But never fear, as we bring you creative solutions which you can try out right away…

1. Good ventilation

Let the fresh air in at once! Natural ventilation occurs through doors and windows, chimneys and vents.

When it comes to the more humid spaces like the bathroom and kitchen, exhaust fans are your best bet to remove water vapour and control the high-level moisture.

2. Proper insulation

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External Thermal Insulation (ETICS)

RenoBuild Algarve

This is crucial for maintaining comfortable humidity levels in the home, and fortunately there are many materials to choose from. These can also be installed outside the house. 

Some methods include carpets, rugs, wool blankets, glass, saw dust, and caulk strips. A sufficiently insulated house will keep your living spaces safe from outdoor moisture, plus retain the dry hot air generated by the heater / air-con in your house.

3. Indoor plants

They do so much more than “look pretty”. Indoor plants also help with indoor moisture, but if placed in the wrong spots, they can actually increase the moisture levels. 

Place them next to windows or other well-ventilated areas. Alternatively opt for plants that prosper well in dry soil and don’t require a lot of watering.

4. Be aware

Thanks to clever inventors, we can now acquire moisture sensors that will warn us when the humidity levels are too high. With a low budget, you can opt for the more budget-friendly hygrometers, which check moisture content in the atmosphere.

5. Install an air-con

Instead of buying a dehumidifier, install an air conditioner with a built-in humidifier. Using only one device can save you a few rands on your electricity bill. 

From home stagers to interior architects, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

6. Clever old windows

Nothing beats a well-placed window that lets in glorious sunshine and fresh air. Natural solutions like windows, doors and vents have always been most effective ways to get rid of moisture. In addition, they are also much cheaper than using dehumidifiers and exhaust fans, which tend to rack up your electricity bill!

So, take note of our clever suggestions, choose your best bets, and be sure to include them during the building or renovation of your dream home. You’ll be sure to see (and feel) the difference! 

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