Between white and modern style: a fairytale apartment

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Between white and modern style: a fairytale apartment

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모던스타일 거실 by EF_Archidesign 모던
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Ample light and good ventilation are a must for every home. But in our experience, houses can often be poorly designed, with too many dark and dingy corners. This may be due to the wrong colours, poor layout or even an incorrect choice of furniture – whatever the cause, it must be changed! Today we'll look at a renovation project undertaken by the architects at EF Archidesign in Rome, where a dark and oppressive house was transformed into a bright and cheerful home. Let’s explore!

Lounging In comfort

What an open and well-ventilated area! The white walls and ceiling enhance the feeling of spaciousness, while the wooden parquet warms the environment. The white and black television and white sofa find a perfect match in the carpet, while the plants add a lovely splash of colour. The minimalist décor makes the room look light and airy.

Luxurious living area

This bright and spacious living room was formerly a gloomy and stifling area. The design team included windows at key points and installed recessed lights throughout the space, ensuring that no dark corners remain.

Modern and functional kitchen

The kitchen is a modern beauty; bright with sleek walls and furniture, and warmed by wooden parquet. The use of chrome and steel for the chimney, backsplash, chairs and appliances lends a stylish look to the space.

Minimalism in the bedroom

The bedroom is a simple and comfortable space. The white and brown colour theme is repeated here, while the wooden bedside tables look cosy beside the bed.

Colourful children’s room

The children’s room is lively and colourful – and we love the pull-out bed! The white and brown theme is enhanced by splashes of vibrant red and blue. The white study desk with the blue and red floating shelves looks fantastic, while also providing storage space. The step shelves on the wall are a lovely way to store favourite toys.

Magnificent master bathroom

The modern white splendour of the master bathroom is enhanced by the transparent shower cubicle, linear fittings and big window. Lending a magnificent note to this minimalist space is the gorgeous ornate mirror.

Another perspective

In addition to the shower cubicle, there is also a regal bathtub for a hot soak! A narrow window provides ventilation, and the gilt mirror once again steals the show.

A jazzy smaller bathroom

The smaller bathroom has vivacious mosaic tiles scattered along the lower half of the walls. This combines with the wooden parquet to create a warm and cheerful ambience. The fittings are trendy and stylish, boosting the décor to even greater heights!

This home is a spectacular vision of brightness, elegance and comfort. For more apartment inspiration, don't miss: A small flat with many ideas to copy.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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