9 tricks to make your apartment feel like home

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9 tricks to make your apartment feel like home

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When you move into a new abode, the first thing you're going to want to do (other than unpack) is to transform your dwelling from a fresh apartment into a friendly home. When furnishing and adorning your new residence, it’s the little things that really count. The knick-knacks, ornaments, that comfy throw rugs that transform your new flat into a true home.

For the uninitiated, decorating an apartment can be a real battleground! Would you like to know where to begin? We’ve gathered 9 simple ways to make your new dwelling feel like home, and believe these easy to follow steps are the perfect place to start when attempting to create a welcoming and inviting abode. Let’s check them out…

1. Perfect your bedroom’s ambience

To begin, we're heading straight into the most intimate space in your home: the bedroom. It is here that you really need to perfect the ambience, as it is a room you will be spending a large potion of time within. Think sumptuous throw rugs, overstuffed cushions, neutral hues and fluffy comforters to create a truly homey atmosphere and aura. 

2. Cosy floor cushions and a plush rug

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As well as the bedroom, it is important to focus on accessories in your living room. Floor cushions can help you connect with your home internal spaces, as well as encourage individuals to sit and enjoy all areas of the space. 

3. Don’t forget the terrace

Often the terrace is neglected and serves as a space to hold and store domestic miscellany. However an outdoor space can really help transform a house into a home, and ensure you utilise each individual area to its fullest. 

4. Work on the lighting

You lighting is something that will definitely have a huge impact on the overall appearance and enjoyment of your new home. Switch your light bulbs from harsh blue fluorescents to a more subtle warmer hue, and you will be one step further to your apartment or house feeling like a home. 

5. Set up your bathroom correctly

You bathroom should be functional and usable, while still boasting touches of your own personality and aura. Focus on adding lavish towels and linens, while accessories should be kept to a minimum, to ensure a clutter free home. 

6. Make sure there is room for dinner

Most interior designers will tell you that in order for a house to feel like a home, there needs to be space to entertain friends, or simply get together with family. In the dining room of your dwelling, take some time to ensure the area is well set up, with a warm ambience and an inviting atmosphere. 

7. Focus on ensuring your entrance is welcoming

You entrance will give the first impression of your new abode, and for this reason it should instantly ooze a warm and alluring air. Add a simple seat, some lighting, artwork and a place to hang your coats, and your residence will undeniably feel like a cherished home. 

8. Go colourful and personalise the space

When you move into a new house or apartment, one of the first things you might notice is the lack of character. This can be fixed with a simple lick of paint, and is sure to add a huge amount of charm and charisma to your new home. 

9. Accessorise your kitchen

Accessories are fabulous for transforming that new kitchen from sterile into splendid. If your apartment is feeling a bit drab, or simply lacking a personal touch, some neat accoutrements such as indoor herbs, timber chopping boards and copper pots will give it the boost it needs!

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