10 Budget ways to decorate a small room

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10 Budget ways to decorate a small room

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One type of room that can be a real challenge to decorate is a small room! Infusing a small room with beauty and style while keeping it comfortable and functional – given the space constraints – is difficult but not impossible if one uses a touch of creativity and a dash of ingenuity! So today we’re going to have a look at 10 tips that a homeowner must keep in mind while planning the décor of a small room!

1. Uncover The Floor

Don’t conceal your floor beneath carpets and rugs. A bare floor adds to a spacious look and can be embellished with a lovely colour and sleek furniture.

2. Select Suitable Furniture

There is no need to invest in a large sofa set for a small room – try out a mix of a sofa, chairs and tables of different types that will come together harmoniously for an interesting décor and also fit comfortably in a small room.

3. Focus On Essentials

Keep it simple when buying furniture – elaborate designs may look quite overwhelming in a small room! Also, it is better to opt for multi-functional furniture that will not only be comfortable but will also utilise corners.

4. Lively Notes

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Gantous Arquitectos

Polanco Penthouse

Gantous Arquitectos

Don’t hesitate to use a bit of bright colour in the décor. A splash of vibrancy in a small room can have a dramatic and cheerful effect! Take a cue from this living space designed by the architects at Gantous Arquitectos.

5. Enhance Cosiness

A small room immediately brings to mind a cosy atmosphere – highlight this aspect! Use appropriate furnishings and stylish accessories to make it an enjoyable, friendly room.

6. Go Neutral

Light colours should predominate in a small room as they create an illusion of greater space. A contrasting neutral colour or a few bright colours can then be used for a stylish or dramatic effect.

7. Use Natural Light

Try to maximize the natural light available to eliminate dark corners that make the room look smaller than it is!

8. Wall décor

Decorate the walls sparingly and tastefully especially if there is more than enough furniture in the room. Cluttered walls can make a room look even smaller.

9. Utilise Corners

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Corners are an excellent place to arrange furniture as they leave space in the main part of the room, thus making it appear more spacious and uncluttered.

10. Plan The Lighting

Lights are a crucial factor in a small room. Plan for maximum possible natural light and supplement it with artificial lights that reflect your personality and suit your budget. Recessed lights, spotlights, track lights, hanging lights and table lamps are some of the numerous options available!

These 10 sensible ideas are a brilliant way to make the most of your small room, giving it style and beauty without compromising on space and practicality! Check out another interesting story here - 9 Vastu Shastra Approved Colours to Choose For Your Rooms.

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