15 fridge organising tips (to save you time and money)

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15 fridge organising tips (to save you time and money)

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Fisher & Paykel의 현대 , 모던
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It's the little things that can make the biggest difference to your home so, if you're aiming to get your household a whole lot more organised, it's time to tackle your kitchen fridge. 

We know you might be thinking you have a perfectly well-ordered appliance but once we've finished giving you our top tips, you'll see just how much room for improvement there really is. We've taken inspiration from experts who are adept at coming up with new ways to get a little more cleanliness and order from your busiest spaces.

Grab the Tupperware and get ready to enjoy the most orderly fridge you've ever had!

1. Attach a kitchen roll to your fridge door

클래식스타일 주방 by PROJEKT MB 클래식

For tackling any spills straight away. Just use sticky pads and some plastic tubing!

2. Line every drawer or shelf with washable placemats

Fisher & Paykel의 클래식 , 클래식

Or sticky back plastic, for easy cleaning!

3. Store all food in clip-lock plastic tubs

To prevent spills and make stacking easier.

4. Label everything

Johnny Grey의 에클레틱 , 에클레틱 (Eclectic)

To prevent people using things they shouldn't, such as recipe ingredients.

5. Have an 'eat me first' tub

Fisher & Paykel의 현대 , 모던

For items that are going to spoil soon, thereby encouraging people to avoid wasting them.

6. Use shelf wedges

RED5의 현대 , 모던

To stack more bottles in small spaces.

7. Have a collection of healthy snacks in one tub

Tim Wood Limited의 클래식 , 클래식

For easy grabbing!

8. Never put an unwrapped plate of food in the fridge

Sculleries of Stockbridge의 클래식 , 클래식
Sculleries of Stockbridge

Tudor Handpainted Kitchen

Sculleries of Stockbridge

It will leak! Always use cling film at the very least.

9. Re-use empty jars

모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by M Monroe Design 모던

To keep single servings of salad fresh for packed lunches.

10. Transfer any opened meat into an airtight container

모던스타일 주방 by M Monroe Design 모던

The original packaging won't be enough to protect it.

11. Add a rotating disc to your fridge

Girl and the cat 모던스타일 주방 by BLACKHAUS 모던 벽돌

So you can see everything you have in there with one spin.

12. Keep washi tape near the fridge

For writing use-by date labels for homemade treats.

13. Use rubber bungs to seal wine bottles

클래식스타일 와인 저장고 by Studio Design LLC 클래식

So you won't risk fridge spillages. They can leak even standing in the door compartment!

14. Store butter on the countertop to make extra space

클래식스타일 주방 by Studio Design LLC 클래식

It will keep for up to two months in a butter dish.

15. Use a whiteboard pen to write an inventory on your door

클래식스타일 주방 by Studio Design LLC 클래식

Or even a shopping list!

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Simple tricks to make your kitchen look more expensive.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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