9 brilliantly designed small apartments (for you to copy!)

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9 brilliantly designed small apartments (for you to copy!)

April Kennedy April Kennedy
지중해스타일 거실 by TATO DESIGN:タトデザイン株式会社 지중해
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A small apartment is often subject to the kind of attention to detail rarely seen in a larger home. Every inch has been carefully considered and cultivated to create the perfect storage or living space. Nothing is left to waste and the interior designer or decorator has generally sought to execute a bright open ambience without appearing to stuff the small home with too many elements. The result is usually a small home interior a level of precision that is a pleasure to behold. Today, we will present 9 such homes. They have smart storage, little nooks and clever ways of separating the various living spaces. We bet they will inspire!

1. Essential contrasts

A dramatic switch in colour themes creates the perfect division of space in this small apartment. But it's the apparent casual combination of coloured floor mats that has our attention. They provide the perfect spark against that black and provide balance to the room.

2. A glass-walled bedroom

APARTMENT “VERBI” 미니멀리스트 거실 by Polygon arch&des 미니멀
Polygon arch&des


Polygon arch&des

This is essentially a one-room apartment with a glass bedroom partition. It invites light into the bedroom and makes this little home feel spacious. We love the geometric pattern on the wall and the floor.

3. Small but bold

미니멀리스트 거실 by homify 미니멀

This small home is certainly big on style. The big bold wall design is a definite style statement. It skews our sense of perspective in the little home.

4. The perfect bespoke built-ins

This one room home has a mezzanine sleeping area and lots of built-in wooden furniture. The dining table extends from the platform on the right seamlessly.

5. Internal courtyards

Narrow homes like this are often lacking windows. In this case the architects have narrowed the bedroom even further to create an internal courtyard.

6. The double-sided feature wall

Good partitions are really important in small homes. This brick feature wall is narrow enough to retain the sense of flow in the home. It also clearly separates the living spaces and infuses each room with a sense of rustic character.

7. Little alcoves

We love the little alcove seat in this small home. It's a little nook that feels perfectly cosy. The design also helps retain the unbroken lines throughout the space. Note how it perfectly mirrors the breakfast bench on the right.

8. Monochrome magic

The monochrome decor, sleeping platform and super high-end finishes make this studio home the perfect abode. We love the geometric planes of the marble kitchen bench here.

9. Perfect finishes

For the ultimate finish have a look at this small apartment! The colour scheme is perfectly followed throughout the room and the built in benches create lots of working space.

For more small home inspiration, have a look at Smart modern design: a tiny yet brilliant home.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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