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A fresh face for a dark and dated apartment

Megan Harris Megan Harris

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The interior design team at Katie Malik Interiors were charged with the task of transforming a drab, dark, and dated space into a light and contemporary expression of modern living. The interior design studio is based in Cambridge and has a wealth of experience in residential interior design. Moving a step past purely aesthetic virtues, they strive for more than what looks right. They state that a home should reflect the people living there. 

Working closely with the clients, they craft individual homes that reflect the needs and personalities of their inhabitants. Each one of their unique projects demonstrates their sophisticated design approach and meticulous attention to detail. Let's step inside and take a look at some before and after photos of this apartment in Cambridge to see just how remarkable the transformation was!

Before: the kitchen

Dated, dull, and cluttered: the state of the kitchen left ample room for improvement. The eclectic mix of materials feels unintentional, lacking a degree sophistication that would come from a more refined design. 

The tiles, the benchtop, the cabinetry – it's all just a little too much. Alas, the home appears stuck in a distant past, desperately awaiting a makeover that would bring it into the 21st century. 

After: the kitchen

It's hard to believe that's the same kitchen cabinetry we saw in the lackluster photo above – accompanied by a new timber bench surface and oh-so-chic white subway tiles, it takes on a fresh and contemporary look. 

It's amazing what switching out some finishes and replacing them with simpler, more contemporary materials can do! 

A box within a box

Zooming out, we garner a sense of the kitchen within the greater living area. Division and connection have been masterfully employed to create a fluid space that feels at once distinct and perfectly connected. 

The walls enclosing the kitchen delimit the function within its very own neat box; while, the large openings on each wall establish a strong flow between the spaces. The change in flooring also demarcates the two adjacent spaces.

Before: the living room

Katie Malik Interiors의
Katie Malik Interiors

Living and kitchen before

Katie Malik Interiors

The living room was equally as drab and dreary. Cluttered, gloomy, and dated – it was no inviting social space. Fortunately, it lived to see a better, brighter, and more homely day. Let's see how they managed to turn this space around…

After: the living room

A fresh coat of paint, new flooring, and more contemporary furniture was all this cozy, little living room needed. Out with the dull, dated carpet and in with a new timber flooring. The new furniture pieces are more streamlined and aid in decluttering the space. The floating shelves add a contemporary touch that draw the eye up the full height of the space.

All-in-all, we're left with an apartment in a much better state than it was found! The makeover was simple but utterly effective; sometimes those simple changes will make all the difference. 

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