A tranquil timber home built for city life

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A tranquil timber home built for city life

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모던스타일 주택 by homify 모던
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Wooden homes and urban locations don't always seem as though they'll go hand-in-hand, but after you've seen today's project, that might all change! Despite a looming cityscape, a beautifully organic, rustic and peaceful home has been created, all around a central courtyard that offers a quick and easy connection to nature. The architects in charge of this build must have been delighted to take on a more unusual challenge and their joy reflects our own, as we take a look around. Come with us now to see if a wooden home could be just the tonic you've been looking for!

Overlooked, not overshadowed.

모던스타일 주택 by homify 모던

You can see the city looming in the background, but despite that, this home really steals the show! Constructed to create a U-shape, with a central courtyard, the use of lashings of natural wood here have really sought to raise the profile and the elegance levels of the build! That warm lighting works wonders too!

Street view.

모던스타일 주택 by homify 모던 우드 우드 그레인

What's so beautiful about this home is that from every conceivable angle, it simply shines and glimmers. It doesn't have a 'bad side', but instead, looks welcoming, homely and massively modern. While the apartment blocks in the background might be more conventionally contemporary in their construction, the use of galvanised roofing material really keeps this project in the race!

A perfect pathway.

모던스타일 정원 by homify 모던

No home is complete without a lovely pathway that seems to encourage you to make the journey to the front door and that's exactly what we see here. Flanked by lovely plants and flowers, this path creates a beautiful little garden through which visitors need to walk and it adds such a pretty extra level of organic styling to the outside space!

Beautiful in every season.

모던스타일 정원 by homify 모던

This snapshot of the decked courtyard may have been taken after a snow flurry, but don't let make you think it doesn't look incredible all year round, as it really does! With built-in bench seating, privacy fencing and lovely lighting, this is a space to rival even the most manicured of conventional back gardens!

Extra touches of genius.

모던스타일 정원 by homify 모던

In an outdoor space that is clearly designed to offer a level of tranquility rarely experienced within a bustling city, it makes sense that a gorgeous water feature would be installed. This one is hardly a disappointment and with pretty potted plants all around it, makes the perfect garden addition.

Beautiful living.

모던스타일 주방 by homify 모던

There could be no doubting that the inside of this home would be utterly beautiful, but we don't think we were quite prepared for this level of natural grace and charm. Natural wood plays an important role again, this time in the kitchen/dining room and with simple white cabinets in place, the minimalist feel is hard to ignore. The size of this space is incredible though! What a luxury to have such a large kitchen!

A surprise feature!

모던스타일 주방 by homify 모던

Swing around and you'll see the extra detailing in this room that makes it super special; a stunning wooden feature wall that opens up into sliding doors! Now that really is something and what a way to keep natural wood as the star material everywhere!

Comfort and joy.

모던스타일 거실 by homify 모던

This is such a dreamy living room. With built-in shelving stepping up to bear the load of years of book collecting and simple furniture everywhere, this is a relaxed and happy room that we imagine everyone coming together in. It's amazing just how filled with love this home seems to be, even just in pictures!

Every space is a design dream!

모던스타일 욕실 by homify 모던

Wow! How many houses can you think of that have made a small bathroom an equally stunning space as the kitchen? Continuing with the same wooden artistry, this room feels far more stylish than perfunctory rooms usually do and we love it! What an inspiring project!

For more dream home inspiration, why not take a look at this Ideabook: The Hong Kong dream home.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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