A beautiful and furnished home for a young family in New Delhi

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A beautiful and furnished home for a young family in New Delhi

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모던스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by MeyerCortez arquitetura & design 모던
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Inspired by the houses of the Brazilian municipality of Sao Paulo, we were inspired to plan and design a lavish and tastefully furnished residence for a happy family in New Delhi, India. The house unites contemporary and rustic touches with style to make every nook and cranny seem cosy and elegant. Sensible storage solutions, pops of vibrant colours, fashionable decorations and pretty lights add to the appeal. Rendered by the architects at Meyercortez Arquitetura & Design, this abode also integrates the indoors and outdoors aesthetically. Take a tour to see why it’s so special and can inspire the look and feel of your Indian home as well.

Beautiful living space

Stylish furniture, warm wooden elements, pastel colours, and soothing lights make the living space cosy and inviting. The wraparound shelf hugging the loungers in front of the TV and the storage units flanking the TV, offer ample scope for easy organisation.

Earthy and warm patio

The patio of the house is encased in glass doors and dreamy white curtains, and is perfect for casual entertainment. Neat bricks and wooden elements make the kitchen a rustic delight, while the traditional oven is ideal for making pizzas and breads. Blue patterned mosaic tiles add spunk to the kitchen counter, while potted plants make for a refreshing ambiance.

Welcoming view

The kitchen island expands to become the dining table in the patio, while sleek benches offer stylish seating. A little way off, black and white couches wait for you to sit, relax and gossip, surrounded by pretty potted greens. Sunlight filters in easily through the white curtains.

Let’s go inside

We love how clear glass sliding doors and white drapes separate the patio from the home’s interiors. The white tiles on the patio floor contrast the wooden floor inside as well, for stylish demarcation.

Cosy dining

Set under a trendy chandelier, the round dining table makes sure that conversations flow easily. The chairs are smart, modern yet traditional in their look. An open plan layout allows the dining space to merge with the living area easily.

Smart kitchen

Sober, neutral hues and smooth cabinets make this modular kitchen a very convenient place to cook meals. Touches of bold black contrast the light colours here, while minimalistic fixtures make the kitchen trendy.

Quirky playroom

Dashes of sunny yellow, the quirky wallpaper, and playful prints on the furnishing make the playroom lively and fun. A cosy daybed and a compact study unit make studying o relaxing equally easy here.

Red wonder

Bold splashes of red on the bedspread, patterned headboard and wall-mounted shelves add cheer and life to the kid’s bedroom. The transparent chair looks cute, while sheer curtains allow sunlight to come inside freely.

Pretty bathroom

The kid’s bathroom is a primarily white affair with neat cabinet, sleek shelves, fashionable sanitary wares and a large mirror. The red mosaic tiles in the shower enclosure add spice to this area, while the glass panels lend style.

Dreamy master bedroom

Soft creamy, white and beige hues rule this cosy and elegant master’s bedroom for a soothing feel. Practical and beautifully lighted in-built niches offer storage, while stylish furniture adds to the appeal.

White and wooden magic

Gleaming white tiles, sleek fixtures and elegant glass doors for the shower make this bathroom a luxurious space where you can wash away all worries in style. Wooden touches for the sink counter and shower floor offer warmth as well.

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