7 marvellously modern apartments to make your day

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7 marvellously modern apartments to make your day

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Traço Magenta - Design de Interiores의  거실, 모던
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Waking up in your dream home is a reverie we all nurture.These seven modern and uber comfortable homes have many attributes that a perfectly designed home should have. From the furniture and flooring to shelving, each of these spaces boast beautifully executed design and decor. Come along for a visit and get inspired!

​1. Modern to the Core

The foyer is layered with glass and wood for an expansive and welcoming feel as you approach the main rooms of the home.

The decor is classic with modern lines for a more smooth and fluid rendition.

The neutrals tie in all the corners and make for a wholesome statement where pops of jewel tones are allowed to appear and make a mark.

The cool white kitchen is served sunny side up thanks to the window through which natural light pours in liberally!

2. ​Dramatic Touches

The entryway has a play of geometrical patterns rendered in vivid colours and rich textures

The kitchen and the living area are separated by a bright wall bearing a hole, which makes for a dramatic look.

The kitchen is visible through this dramatic burgundy hole in wall which shows off the acrylic dining set in the corner too.

3. Chic Warehouse with Unique Features

The entryway promises a house full of surprises with the white and wooden textures greeting you with the large storage in the middle.

The Scandinavian style glossy and function oriented furniture ensures that the focus is on the colourful belongings in this white warehouse.

The kitchen is a smooth counter of white which is the perfect backdrop for the squares formed by the beams above and the black and wood dining table.

4. Rustic yet modern

This Barcelona home has a touch of the countryside with its raw finishes in a modern setting, thanks to the experts at 4 + 1 Architectos.

The artistic kitchen is a neutral one with a stunning back lit wall of art in one corner.

Well defined Laundry Room concealed in cubes of storage

5. A Trendy Apartment with Elegant Scheme

Trendy diagonal setting for monochrome and classic living room elements.

The designers have also made an open foyer that leads visitors straight into the living room.

Compact kitchen with clever storage details and lighting.

6. Designer Apartment with Retro Touches

The moulded features of this apartment were created by Sara Cimarelli and Giorgio Opolka of Archifacturing.

Custom made lacquered furniture and a clear demarcation in a compact space makes this a modern and well designed suite of a home.

Bursts of colour appear from the concealed wardrobe

7. Exposed Brick

ELIX의  거실, 미니멀

This modern home has white glossy furniture and a brick structure for an eclectic and subtle feel.

ELIX의  다이닝 룸, 미니멀

The wave-like pattern on the roof continues throughout the home creating a charming vibe and adding texture to the stark white space.

ELIX의  침실, 미니멀

The bedroom is separated by the wardrobes with lighting on top as the brick theme continues with minimal color play. Here are some more ideas that might interest you - 14 ways to cook up a deliciously modern kitchen!

Casas inHAUS의  주택, 모던

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