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9 simple ideas for the outside of your home

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Pflanzenfreude.de의 현대 , 모던
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First impressions are unquestionably crucial. However, this doesn’t only apply to your choice of greeting, clothing or conversation, it also applies to your home. Curb appeal increases the value of your property, while improving the ambience and atmosphere. If you really want to spruce up your home’s exterior you are going to want to check out our 9 simple suggestions below. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a tonne of money to give your dwelling’s façade a renewed and refreshed aura.

Whether you’re looking to sell, or simply want to give your home a seasonal refresh, we’re here to help! Ready to get started? Begin your exterior home renovation by reading on below!

1. Work on your front door

Your front door makes a huge impression on the rest of your dwelling. If yours is lacking some charm, character or simply doesn't function correctly, it might be time to upgrade!

2. Choose a bold hue

Boscolo의 현대 , 모던

Upper Park, Loughton


A bold front door or entrance hue is a great (and easy) way to give your dwelling a touch of class and drama. Take some cues from this example and opt for something daring and exciting!

3. Landscape your garden

monica khanna designs의 현대 , 모던
monica khanna designs

Juanapur Farmhouse

monica khanna designs

Your garden definitely needs to be maintained, and should be correctly landscaped to reflect your desired ambience and atmosphere. 

4. Add an inviting ambience

An inviting ambience might mean some chairs for guests, lighting, or an array of plants, or all of the above! Look at what you can add or remove to enhance the overall aura and exterior aesthetic of your space, paying attention to the specifics, while still looking at the bigger picture. 

5. Boost the space with a flower garden

A flower garden is a great way to increase your gardening skills, while sprucing up the outside of your home. A flowerbed can be created in the front of your home, as seen above, or in your back garden to be enjoyed by friends and guests. 

6. Add a relaxation station

Need to zone out or relax? The outside of your home can be spruced up easily to accommodate your needs. Simply add a set of comfy furniture, some floor cushions and a nice bottle of wine!

7. Perhaps hang a hammock?

To offer your outdoor space a sense of true luxury, you can always add a hammock or hanging chair. This exterior area is perfectly adorned, and looks beautifully relaxing, while still sophisticated.

8. Add colour to your entrance

Outdoor illuminated doorframe 모던스타일 창문 & 문 by Applelec 모던

Outdoor illuminated doorframe


The designers of this row house have opted for some bright hues to add a sense of energy and verve to the property. If you want to spruce up the outside of your home, grab a paintbrush, some paint and get started!

9. Give the space a clean!

Finally, and probably most obviously, give your outside space a clean. Simple, free and easy, cleaning and de-cluttering the exterior of your home will spruce it up in very little time. 

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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