A beautiful and luxurious home in Kolkata

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A beautiful and luxurious home in Kolkata

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Spaces and Design의  다이닝 룸
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Planning the interiors of your dream home is a major task, and this task becomes all the more challenging when your dream home has large, spacious rooms in plenty! Selecting the perfect pieces of furniture and the ideal accessories for each living space to make a tasteful residence isn’t a minor matter – it’s so easy to add too many elements or conflicting elements and mess up the décor! Today we will see the classy way that the expert team of designers at Spaces and Design in Kolkata, India, did the interiors of a spacious residence. Let’s take a tour!

​A lavish living room

The living room is a spacious and luxurious area that is divided into two seating arrangements showcasing a unique grey and yellow colour palette. The round wooden tables look elegant and the floor-length curtains conceal large windows that permit ample natural light to enter.

Elegance personified

What a sophisticated seating arrangement in cool white, soft cream and elegant grey! The comfortable sofa, trendy tables and two exclusive chairs harmonize with the colours and fittings to create a lavish, refined space.

​Fine dining

The gleaming marble dining table is warmed by soft beige chairs and wooden panels in the surrounding furniture. What a deluxe dining experience!

​Cosy television room

The low sofa is perfect for relaxing while watching television in the cosy ambience created by the wooden floor, blinds and sleek linear furniture.

​Sumptuous bedroom

This bedroom exemplifies opulence with its rich upholstery, stylish furniture and classic photo frames adorning the wall.

​Regal splendour

Here is another bedroom with sophisticated furniture, upholstery and a beautiful patterned wall. We love the glamorous table with its elegant armchair!

​Intriguing bedroom

This bedroom has a unique geometrical décor and natural wood furniture that combines with splashes of yellow and blue to create a playful ambience.

​Cheerful notes

This bedroom has a unique, eye-catching arrangement of floating shelves on one wall and maps on the others. We love the trendy chairs too. What an ideal way to decorate the children’s bedroom!

​Stylish bathroom

The beautiful decorative grill in the ceiling works perfectly with the vintage mirror and rustic stone fittings of this stylish bathroom!

​Lively ambience

The rough white stone walls of this bathroom are striking enhanced by the vibrant tiles and mirror frame. The yellow glow of the lights behind the mirror looks amazing!

​Trendy bathroom

This bathroom has a different décor but is as stylish as the other two! The sanitary ware is modern and elegant while the glass panels look classy against the beige walls and countertop.

The design team at Spaces and Design has combined neutral hues with innovative elements and luxurious accessories to create a classy modern mansion. Here in another ideabook that might interest you - A rustic Pune bungalow with amazing views!

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