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A Modest Modular Holiday House

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Hofgut Hafnerleiten 모던 스타일 호텔
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Holiday houses are for many, the ultimate luxury. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and retreat to more desirable climes. Be it a small cottage in the forest, or a lavish beachside dwelling, each holiday abode has intrinsic qualities that make it a home away from home.

Today on homify we are taking a gander at a truly lovely residence. Designed and built by German company Hofgut Hafnerleiten, the dwelling presents a new way of living while on holiday, or taking a break. Hofgut began in 1999, and the houses they offer for rent are a culmination of a life's work and a dream. Hofgut houses think differently. They are built on the basis of time zones, with no price ranges or categories, instead when you decide to getaway, you simply decide the volume of time you wish to stay. Each home is set up for a different length of accommodation, and today we are taking a look at one of the Traditional Rottaler Longhouses. This dwelling is constructed using segments, one for living, sleeping, cooking, and bathing. Private and endearing, this residence is the ideal escape, and offers romance, style, and fun. 

Check out the images below, and take a tour of this intriguing and wonderful new holiday house concept!

Traditional form, with contemporary thinking

To fit in with the surrounding landscape, the shape of this house is very traditional. With a pitched roof, the home follows typical lines of many in the surrounding area. However, this residence is different. Clad with a timber that has beautifully aged and weathered over the years, the dwelling is as inviting, as it is intriguing. 

One of the most noticeable features of this house is the long horizontal window with mirrored glass. Within the dwelling this is the bathroom, and the reflective surface provides privacy within, while outside it is almost like an artwork itself. The reflection of the surrounding wilderness looks effortlessly gorgeous, and changes depending on the weather and season. 

Additionally there is an exterior bath formed from a single pour of concrete. This is the ultimate place to bathe and take in the landscape, while cooling off, or perhaps warming up…

Privacy and seclusion

The timber cladding used for this dwelling is employed for both the roof as well as the walls. This ensures continuity throughout, while imparting a modern and contemporary vibe. 

In this image we are given a view of the house from another direction. There is a nearby fresh lake, perfect for an afternoon or morning dip. Moreover, we are able to see the large sliding doors that open up the interior, and allow the occupant to make the most of the great outdoors. With bench-style seating, this is perfect for a lunchtime meal, and is seamlessly integrated into the idyllic landscape. 

An intriguing entry

On approach to the home, we view a smaller version of the dwelling. This is a perfect replica of the main house and greets the visitor as the walk down the timber deck path to the front door. 

The monolithic dark timber structure seems as though it would look out of place within the setting, however it is beautifully coordinated to every part of the surrounding landscape. With its traditional form, and super sleek design, this is a timeless holiday home that is definitely an age-defiant architectural masterpiece. 

Room to enjoy the great outdoors

There is a huge amount of outdoor entertaining space. Whether you want to sit outside with your family and cook a meal, or simply wile away the hours in the concrete tub, the options are endless. In the distance we are able to see the outdoor dining setting, and a small bench that is there for quiet contemplation or reflection. 

The flooring used is concrete, set in different pieces to give the appearance of tiles. This concrete hue works extremely well against the dark timber-clad home, and is surprisingly in-keeping with the environment. 

Bringing the outdoors inside

Finally we enter the home! This enjoyable sleeping or napping space can be utilised for a number of different purposes. A quiet reflection or mediation area is essential when taking time out from a busy schedule, while the huge wall of glass lets you be at one with nature. 

This room would also suit those looking for an area to stretch and perform yoga. The matting is soft and open to numerous uses. Timber veneer walls impart warmth into this sleeping and sitting area, working wonderfully with the huge picture window. 

A timber-clad terrace

Outside, the enclosed timber-clad terrace is an ideal all-weather space that features two single chairs and huge floor to ceiling glass sliding panels that function as doors. These allow the area to be opened up during the summer, and closed during the harsh winter. As the area is enclosed, it is optimal for relaxing during rain or other inclement weather. 

Refined bathing

The ultimate in luxury bathrooms, this timber veneer space is perfect for washing away the stresses of big city life. With a single window next to the tub, and a large loft-style window, the space is perfectly designed for both light, as well as privacy. The angular wall is perfectly pitched to allow for the filtration of natural light into the space and without being too overbearing. The choice of colour for the timber cladding, makes the entire space feel more earthly and connected to nature. 

Room with a view

The bedroom with a view! These sleeping quarters are a gorgeous space to enjoy nature from the comfort of a bed. If napping, resting, and sleeping are your idea of a great getaway, then this is the place to do it!

With a sumptuous bed, the space is made all the more captivating with a dark overhanging ceiling, which features star-like lighting. A matching bed head provides storage and shelf space, while a built-in chaise-style window seat finishes off the design. 

Picture-perfect scenery all around

Glazing has been utilised throughout the dwelling to maximise the natural illumination of the home, while also ensuring guests are able to make the most of the stunning views beyond. 

Here in the dining space, we see a cute table to fit approximately four individuals as well as another window seat. A statement light fitting completes the room with a bold and dramatic statement. 

Staying warm

Warmth is crucial when staying in the German wilderness! As well as the home being very well insulated, it also features a statement wood burner that looks fabulously inviting. This warms the dining and living areas, adding to the charm and character of the dwelling.

Additionally, we see the corridor that connects the different segments of the house. This is subtly illuminated with wall-mounted lights, and is a practical feature of the contemporary abode. 

A neat galley kitchen

For one final look before ending our tour, we get a quick glimpse at the galley kitchen. This is a key feature of the home, and allows guests to cook their own meals during the stay. 

We love the light colour scheme, and addition of the chalkboard for memos. The holiday home is slick, sleek, and ultra-chic throughout; a truly wonderful place to rest and relax. 

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