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An elegant energy-efficient family home

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The sprawling and stylish house that we are about to explore today in Germany, combines the essence of Bavarian tradition with pre-Alpine style architecture for a picturesque look and feel. The combination of wood and white prevails both on the outside as well as the inside of this residence. Built with energy-efficient materials and equipped with numerous glass doors and windows, this home makes a minimal carbon footprint. The interiors are contemporary and decked minimally, and come with smart storage solutions. The generous use of white ensures that the house reflects natural light abundantly, and keeps the interiors warm and bright. Let’s learn more about this creation by the interior architects at W. Raum Planung + Einrichtung.

Stately exterior

The warmth of wood and purity of white come together for the exterior of the house, making it look stylish and inviting. Set amidst lush fields, the home’s gardens are protected by quaint country-style fences. Pretty windows open up to nature and fresh air, while the interior lights shine through for a soothing look.

Outdoor pleasures

A rustic and cosy seating arrangement on the side of the house allows the inhabitants to enjoy outdoor air and soak in the beauty of verdant green fields. The red umbrella adds a dash of fun to the setting.

Bright and charming living

Spotless white walls, minimalistic furniture, and sleek touches of light-hued wood make the living space cosy and charming. A tall glass window brings in tons of light, while the window seat is perfect for lazing around with a book. The living space opens up to the mezzanine, and hence enjoys the airy feeling that double heights bring. Rustic candle-stands, a deer head, and a bold red rug add pizzazz here.

Trendy touches

The staircase leading to the cellar is a sleek and tidy affair with neat light wooden steps and a trim wrought iron railing. It creates a subtle style statement against the white wall, while the striped carpeting lends vibrancy to the space.

Spacious and cheerful kitchen

White walls, an elegant grey floor, and multiple windows make the kitchen bright, welcoming and cosy. The storage units are modern, wooden and practical in nature, while the colourful chairs add a hint of fun to the space. The breakfast nook sits on a faux fur rug and is right next to a large window overlooking the outdoors.

Simple master bedroom

The master bedroom with its plush textiles and sleek furniture occupy the attic, and is secured by a neat iron railing. A smooth chest of drawers and a smart workstation take care of practical needs here.

Comfy home office

Modern furniture, sensible and bright lighting, lots of space and a neutral colour palette make the home office a very productive zone. Though it is in the basement, a light shaft created right outside brings in tons of sunlight through the massive glass doors.

Smart kid’s room

w. raum Architektur + Innenarchitektur의  아이방
w. raum Architektur + Innenarchitektur

Schlafgalerie mit Treppenschrank im Kinderzimmer

w. raum Architektur + Innenarchitektur

Sleek designs, smart in-built closets and the union of white and light wood make the kid’s room playful and bright. The closets are built into the fun staircase that leads to the sleeping area at the top.

Gorgeous bathroom

This bright and spacious bathroom is a scenic space for rejuvenation, thanks to the large window offering a verdant view of the outdoors. Smooth white surfaces, trendy sanitary fixtures, a large mirror and soothing lights contribute to the glamorous feel here. And a neat wooden bench with storage space for towels adds warmth.

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