24 easy projects that'll transform your home (part two)

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24 easy projects that'll transform your home (part two)

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What could be nicer than heading into the new year with a freshly revamped home? We can't think of anything better, except perhaps upgrading your home for very little money! 

Well, that's why we're bringing you part two of our 24 easy home improvement projects today! We found 12 more fantastic interior designer-inspired DIY ideas that will have your home looking better than it ever has without breaking the bank.

So if you fancy trying a little DIY over the festive break, read on!

13. Grab the glass

homify의 현대 , 모던 타일

Aqua Marine Turquoise Glass Metro Tile Kitchen Splash Back


Keeping the light flowing is key in small spaces, so we think pretty glass shelves, in your kitchen for example, are just the ticket. Extra storage that looks great and keeps the light bouncing around!

14. Ditch the laminate worktop

Barcnrest의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic) 우드 우드 그레인

Worktop – Maple


There are a couple of ways to tackle an outdated laminate kitchen worktop. You can either replace it completely with a lovely real wood version or paint it with special paint that's freely available in DIY shops.

15. Upgrade those banisters

buss의 현대 , 모던

Under Stairs Storage


If your banisters have seen better days, we suggest giving natural wood versions a quick rub down with some teak oil or you could paint them up.

They'll look brand new!

16. Paint sinks and baths

Walls and Floors Ltd의 인더스트리얼 , 인더스트리얼
Walls and Floors Ltd

White Metro 20x10 Tiles

Walls and Floors Ltd

If you aren't lucky enough to have a beautiful suite in your bathroom, did you know you can get special paint to spruce it up? Well, you can! 

Just make sure you don't skip the prep stage.

17. Up your wardrobe game

Built in Hinged Door Corner Wardrobe 모던스타일 침실 by Bravo London Ltd 모던
Bravo London Ltd

Built in Hinged Door Corner Wardrobe

Bravo London Ltd

Built-in wardrobes are a godsend but can look a little old-fashioned. Give them a modern makeover by removing the doors and building a few new shelves. 

Add some lighting for a really smart solution!

18. Vent your style

cover for AC 클래식스타일 주택 by homify 클래식

cover for AC


Air vents are necessary but can be a little unattractive. Get some funky covers for yours and make a feature of them, rather than leaving them to be an eyesore.

19. Do some legwork

Don't you just hate it when you find your perfect sofa but the legs aren't quite right? It's something that will always bug you, so grab some that you like better and attach. 

Et voila… a new sofa!

20. Scribble it down

Cotswold Chapel Kitchen 컨트리스타일 주방 by homify 컨트리 솔리드 우드 멀티 컬러

Cotswold Chapel Kitchen


If hanging noticeboards would be a little too cluttered for you, why not paint a kitchen cupboard door with chalkboard paint and create a handy little spot for leaving notes?

21. Relight your fire

So many people have old fireplaces in their homes simply going to waste. Yours could be incredible with a fresh coat of cast iron paint and some new tiles.

22. Give it a lick of paint

Got an old lino kitchen floor you're not keen on? You can paint it! 

Rather than going through the rigmarole of laying a whole new floor, simply paint your existing one and see what a difference it makes.

23. Say goodbye to naff finishes

Yester Home의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)
Yester Home


Yester Home

If you have old shelf brackets and door hardware that are not quite in-keeping with new colour schemes, think about having them powder coated. It's a durable and cheap finish that will look great. 

We love satin black!

24. Spruce up your shower

Create a Steam Shower with Nordic and Mr Steam 모던스타일 욕실 by Nordic Saunas and Steam 모던
Nordic Saunas and Steam

Create a Steam Shower with Nordic and Mr Steam

Nordic Saunas and Steam

Your shower is a quick and simple area to revamp. You can paint your existing tiles, replace them with bold mosaics, add a little seat or add shelves. 

The possibilities are endless and cheap!

Take a look at part one of this series, here: 24 easy projects that'll transform your home (part one).

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