6 hot hallways with flawless floors

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6 hot hallways with flawless floors

Genista Jurgens Genista Jurgens
Escapefromsofa의  복도 & 현관, 모던
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Hallways and corridors often get thought about last during the decorating process, but it shouldn't be that way. Any interior decorator will agree that when given enough attention, color and interesting features, hallways will become stand out spaces in their own right. 

So if you want your home to look better than the average, then focus on designing your hallways and those overlooked areas that connect the different rooms together – it could be just the thing your house needs to look it's best. 

To help give you some ideas, today we take a look at six incredible hallways, and in particular, the type of flooring they use, to see just how they create their show stopping looks. 

1. Elegant in marble.

Marble is always a winning material to use in the home, and for flooring. But the extra special thing about this home is the dark marble that it uses. Paired with those tall concrete planter pots and some pretty incredible artwork, this corridor is elegant and magnificent. 

2. Bright and cheerful patterns.

This hallway is light and joyful, thanks to the bright, bold and slightly tropical patterned flooring. The clever thing about this particular design is that the border has been left plain in natural wood, so the pattern doesn't overwhelm the space. Also note in the next room there is a totally different color and pattern used on the flooring – what a cheerful home!

3. An edgy industrial look.

E2 Architecture + Interiors의  복도 & 현관, 모던
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

This long hallway has been given the industrial treatment to maintain a unique and elegant look. The walls have been left as raw concrete, and are complemented by a darkly stained wooden flooring. Staining floorboards is usually a better option compared to painting them, but either techniques work well in hallways. Just be prepared for some maintenance. 

4. Carefully orchestrated colors.

Made to match the pale decor, this patterned flooring is sweet with a nod to Scandinavian style. But rather than matching the baby blue of the ceiling and floor skirting boards, the pattern uses a dark and light grey with white. Choose your colors carefully to keep the balance of the room. 

5. Wood grain as a feature.

Long hallways like this are easy to create a striking look in. The natural grain of the wooden floorboards has been made a feature, and exaggerated by painting the walls a chocolate brown and by running a mirror next to it. Repeating ornaments or decorations like these pot plants and lights also helps extend a space. 

6. Using the unusual.

This entrance way uses a number of techniques to create an impact. The fire engine red sets the scene, making it cheerful and inviting, and the stone garden with round stepping stones keeps it playful and a bit offbeat. It's a pleasant and unexpected twist, making this small space anything but boring. 

If you really want to impress your guests and visitors, here are eight ideas for entranceways that you too can create at home. 

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