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A dusty old home gets back its charm

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모던스타일 거실 by Studio D11 모던
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Built in the 1880s on the foundations of a burnt down building, this house was suffering from a rusty basement infrastructure. But after a detailed inspection by the architects at Studio D11, it was found that a holistic renovation was essential. Layouts were made more modern and open, and the two floors of the house were interlinked stylishly. But during the makeover process, some old charming elements were retained for an elegant and unique look. Read on to know more.

Before: Mundane entrance

Dated white walls and an unimpressive door made the main entrance unappealing.

After: Charming and warm

By removing the door and creating a stylish arch with moulding above, the entrance now looks charming. The wooden floor offers warmth, while the carpeted staircase going upstairs is very sophisticated.

Old world charm retained

The gorgeous moulding on the ceiling of the entrance foyer was retained for a regal look.

Before: Weary living

Gaping plaster, old doors and fading paint hardly added to the living area’s charm before.

After: Bright and cosy

Large glass windows now flood the simple and chic living space with lots of sunlight, while wooden flooring makes it a cosy space to relax and entertain. In-built shelves offer storage space, and a modern fireplace keeps you warm during winters. The bright red chairs add a trendy touch.

Before: Depressing library

Dark and inadequate shelves were hardly an incentive to crack a book.

After: Stylish and practical

In-built floor to ceiling shelves all around make the library a very exciting space for bookworms now. The walls and furniture are in white so that the room appears bright and spacious. The carpet adds a vibrant touch though.

After: Soothing bedroom

Plush textiles, minimal furnishing, and a green accent wall make the bedroom soothing as well as lively. Pure white walls and wooden flooring make a timeless combination, while a stylish lamp adds aesthetic pleasure.

Before: Shabby corridor

Old-fashioned tiles and drab wooden panelling made this corridor a very uninviting space. The morose floor tiles didn’t help.

After: Sleek and chic

Freshly painted walls without any cladding and a smooth floor make the corridor a very chic space now. The pretty pendant lamps are stunning as well.

Before: Scary bathroom

With a ceiling that seemed ready to give way and drab walls, the bathroom was a nightmare.

After: Hello gorgeous!

White and grey now make a stunning colour scheme for the revamped and spacious bathroom. Trendy sanitary fixtures, a sleek shower panel and vintage wooden elements make this a refreshing space indeed.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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