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40 lounges only those who love staying home will enjoy

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모던스타일 거실 by Arq. PAULA de ELIA & Asociados 모던
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Crafting the perfect living room can seem like black magic only interior designers can wield, but we've found 40 amazing spaces that will give you plenty of ideas to be getting on with. Once you understand the motifs you need to include, the rest is a question of personal taste and preferred aesthetics. But don't worry, we're going to fill you in on the must have inclusions for any dreamy living room, which will have friends and family turning green with envy!

A comfortable sofa – You don't have to have an enormous sofa for it to be super comfy and welcoming, as the proportions of your room might not be big enough. Simply work out what size you can have and then look out for deep seated varieties that can easily handle the whole family. Corner sofas are particularly good as they offer extra seating without taking up too much more floor space. What fabrics will you choose though?

Cosy accessories - Any living room will be wonderfully accentuated if you opt for some extra cushions, throw blankets and maybe even a foot stool. Remember that this is the room you want to hunker down in after a long day at work, so what will make your relaxation even better?

A working fire - We know not everyone has the capacity to include a fire in their living room, but if you do, it's a must! Open fires and woodburners add such a cosy dimension (not to mention bags of style) and in the cold winter months, what could be nicer than chilling out in front of some serious heat?

Wall-mounted televisions – We don't think we have to tell you that the days of bulky televisions are long behind us, but if you are yet to get your TV up on the wall, now is the time! It'll look great and really modern, while opening up some extra floor space. 

Perfect lighting - During the day, you want to maximise the amount of natural light that enters your living room, so be sure to get all your curtains and blinds drawn. However,  in the evening, a softer, cosier ambience is what you need. So either ensure your main living room lighting is on a dimmer switch, or invest in some table lamps and choose warm bulbs. Trust us, this makes a huge difference!

If you're ready to see living rooms that have put all of these tips to great use, let's stop the talking and start looking.

Queens Park House 에클레틱 거실 by Honeybee Interiors 에클레틱 (Eclectic)
Honeybee Interiors

Queens Park House

Honeybee Interiors

CASA TRANSPORTABLE ÁPH80 러스틱스타일 거실 by ÁBATON Arquitectura 러스틱 (Rustic)
ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

The living room looking through to the kitchen, Mansfield Street Apartment, London 클래식스타일 거실 by Nash Baker Architects Ltd 클래식
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The living room looking through to the kitchen, Mansfield Street Apartment, London

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Proyectos de interiorismo varios 모던스타일 거실 by estudio 60/75 모던
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

For even more living room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: We solve your common living room design mistakes.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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