A sustainable barn-style home for the modern family

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A sustainable barn-style home for the modern family

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While it may not be very easy to envision living in a barn in this modern age, the architects at SCHIPPERDOUWESARCHITECTUUR might changed your mind. They  created a home that is sustainable in every sense as it brings in optimum use of water, sunlight and other energy, thanks to the structuring of the home. The home is filled with creative ideas that include the best use of natural lighting as well as insulation and heat pumps with black wood for cladding. The sustainable angle is what makes this home a modern one, while the barn style structure keeps the design ideals high. Come and take a look at this modern barn!

​Chic barn facade

This barn is clad with black wood, which traps the heat inside the home and keeps the home very warm. It is set on green grounds with a linear structure. The inset of the home has a patio set in the middle, with glass cladding it for optimum natural light. One face of this A line structure has doors and windows on the side too. In the distance, one can find tall spruce trees.

​A closer look

On closer inspection, the home’s solid wooden facade can be seen clearly. The slanting roof hangs low and ensures that there is good protection against the glaring light, apart from providing proper heat during winters. The patio is set in the centre with glass panels for the roof so that natural light streams into the space. The home is an A line one and we can also see solar panels at the summit, where the slants meets.

​Glass patio

In style and sustainability terms, the piece de resistance of the home is a glass patio, which holds an outdoor dining table. This home has a large glass triangle that holds it within as the raw finish of the dining table and the light weight white chairs make it look airy and warm. The metal frames as well as the glass sheets ensure that the greenery and the blue sky are visible from any angle.

​Wooden main hall

The main hall has been done up with layers of natural and light hued wood. This highlights the countryside personality of this urban space. The fireplace is set into a wooden wall while a wooden ladder like staircase takes you upstairs. The frames that hang over the corridor also make a warm statement.


The staircase from the main hall leads you into the mezzanine, which is a wooden wonder. The terrace which has been done up in a similar manner, is also exemplary. This makes it the perfect nook from where you can enjoy sunshine, rain and hail.

​Brick conservatory

The home is divided into various wings that sit on the expansive grounds, around the main barn. This side of the property has a charming brick conservatory that houses the installed pieces from where sustainable practices thrive within the home.

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