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7 décor ideas that combine white and wood beautifully

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We hope it's not a secret that wood and white look incredible together and can form the basis of a timeless and elegant home design scheme. Even if it is, you're going to love this article! 

We found seven beautiful interiors that have been styled and decorated by talented interior designers, all within the parameters of wood and white. Honestly, if you've never considered this simple and sweet aesthetic before, you might now as the different ways you can use wood and white together are numerous and at least one is bound to appeal.

Let's take a look…

1. Warm and cool together

A perfect example of why wood and white look so incredible together, this apartment has managed to balance cool and warm tones with ease thanks to a very warm wood being used for the floor and neutral white everywhere else.

There really aren't any other colours in play, which makes you appreciate the natural balance of the space. We also love how rustic wood has been used as a room divide option as it ties in perfectly.

2. The new neutrals

White walls and wooden flooring is a recipe for success but the tones you use elsewhere can support or undermine the beauty of that combination. 

Here, we see a more ashy tone used as well as soft neutrals for the sofa cushions and a central rug. The effect is a warm and cosy space that still feels light and classic.

3. Together at last

White and wood work well together but never more than when they are literally combined. Painting natural wood white creates a fresh and modern aesthetic, but with a wonderfully nostalgic and almost rustic feel. 

As an added bonus, painted wood doesn't look to have as many flaws and we think this example, with a painted ceiling, is the perfect inspiration for how you can incorporate some painted wood into your home. 

4. Flip and reverse it

Wow! We are so used to white being the dominant design choice in wood and white combinations that we totally forgot that wood can be the main material.

Perfect for walls, ceilings and floors, you can pick our the natural gorgeousness of wood by adding piquant white accents in the form of cushions and even statement architecture, such as a staggering fireplace as seen here.

5.Tap into a little history

In a traditional home, you might find you have dark wood roof beams lurking under false ceilings and we can't encourage you enough to unearth them. 

The contrast of rustic, textural dark wood and smooth, crisp white walls is nothing short of beautiful and will add such drama to a home, as you can clearly see in this amazing kitchen!

6. Marrying the tones

If you don't want to go overboard with the wood in your home, small furniture pieces will still work well with bright white walls.

We think a Scandinavian touch always look amazing, as the pale and creamy wood perfectly co-exists with dazzling white. In fact, it makes the wood and white pop more than if they were used everywhere.

7. Perfect for kids

This is the ultimate kids room! White walls, wood flooring and a simple wooden bed form the perfect basis for a bold and funky mural and combine to become new neutrals. 

Wood furniture and flooring is practical for kids as they can take high traffic and heavy use and still look great. 

For more inspiring wood ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 20 beautiful bathrooms where wood is the star.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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