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This Ottawa home gets a note-worthy renovation

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
스칸디나비아 주택 by Jane Thompson Architect 북유럽
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The boundaries imposed by small, enclosed rooms and low ceilings often get in the way of modern interior decorating dreams – however, in this example, the architects from Jane Thompson Architect in Ottawa have renovated the interior of an older home, redesigning the rooms while working within the space and size limitations common in midcentury layouts. 

Some home renovations are dramatic reconstructions offering night and day differences. In contrast, this homify 360 tour explores a home renovation that fits within the boundaries of what many homeowners can home to achieve by updating the interiors of an older home. The results are still striking and dramatic, but the traditional character and layout of the home has been wonderfully preserved.


This pleasant neighborhood home enjoys an established feel, with mature trees and shrubs hugging the sides of the building and property. As you'll see when you explore the interior, the established and traditional nature of this building has been carefully considered and brought to the forefront of the new design aesthetic.

​Kitchen and Dining Room

This room does a lovely job of blending modern and traditional elements. The kitchen portrays a clean, bright, and fresh attitude without becoming glamorous or elaborate, and this down-to-Earth aesthetic creates an instant familiar feeling in the room. The sink occupies a traditional location under an exterior-facing window, and the wooden dining room table also conjures up a more traditional image with its dark wooden chairs and plank tabletop design. More modern elements include the stainless steel appliances, which, against a backdrop of crisp white, tend to blend in more than dazzle. Delicate light fixtures also contribute in their own way to the fresh, modern aesthetic found in this room.

​Wooden highlights

These drawers are worth a second glance! Wood is a timeless and traditional home building material, but these drawers bring a fresh take on wood with a seamless design in which the grain of the wood is distributed across the surfaces of all of the cabinets. This custom design makes the surface appear as smooth and seamless as possible, a frills-free design that keeps this kitchen storage area looking sleek and clutter-free.

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The bathroom maintains a similar white-on-wood theme, this time with the elegant addition of golden faucets, fixtures, handles, and hinges. This small shout-out to Victorian-era home decor adds an eclectic character to this room, creating an atmosphere that blends ornate embellishment with modern minimalism. The architects have worked with the smaller confines of this room, using a bright white paint and plenty of mirrors and glass to allow light to reach every corner of the room.

​Freestanding tub

One highlight of this bathroom is the freestanding tub that sits next to the shower stall. This smooth, rounded tub has a certain Victorian feel with its golden faucet, but the sleek modern design does away with any other contemporary ornamentation you might expect, like tub feet or engraving on the metallic fixtures. Perhaps the best part of this romantic tub is its location under a window whose sunlight creates a heavenly, uplifting spot for a relaxing soak!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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