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8 clever ways to make your small apartment a star

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모던스타일 거실 by Carolina Mendonça Projetos de Arquitetura e Interiores LTDA 모던
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Does your small apartment make you feel depressed? Then this story is the perfect inspiration for you. Designed by the architects at Carolina Mendonça Projetos De Arquitetura E Interiores LTDA, this compact apartment looks refreshing and youthful. Lavish use of white, sleek designs, practical storage solutions have contributed to a modern and minimal atmosphere here. Use of glass and mirror has also rendered spaciousness to the home. Despite a modest area of less than 500 square feet, the intelligent use of space and aesthetics make this residence functional, cozy and unique.

1. Magic of white

An almost all-white environment makes the apartment seem bright, spacious and open. Light wooden elements add warmth and complement the white hue too.

2. Small but well-planned

The social area of the home is compact yet delightful and bright, thanks to the abundant usage of white. Cleverly designed shelves, cabinets and niches offer storage space without crowding the floor.

3. Bring in sunlight

The living space looks bright and welcoming, thanks to the natural light streaming in through the large window shaded with sheer drapes. The sofa is sleek, modern and comfy, while the TV unit is a smart white and wooden affair, perfect for displaying knickknacks. The bright blue cushions add colour here.

4. Mirror and glass

Equipped with smooth and glossy surfaces, the dining area looks stylish and bright. The transparent glass table and the wall clad in mirror add to the spacious and open feel. The compact bar cabinet looks practical and trendy.

5. Black and smart kitchen

Rendered boldly in black, the kitchen features modern appliances neatly accommodated by smooth cabinets. Black mosaic tiles, steel detailing on the cabinets and trendy fixtures add personality here.

6. Soothing and minimal bedroom

Bright and peaceful, the bedroom features only a large and plush bed and a sleek wall-mounted TV unit. White, cream and light wooden tones make for a soothing ambiance, while a large mirror and tons of natural light ensure brightness.

7. Intelligent organisation

Despite the lack of space, this apartment was able to accommodate room for shelves, closets and a dressing unit. Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are all organised neatly and separately as a result. Floral wallpaper adds a quaint touch to the space.

8. White and inviting bathroom

Done up mostly in white, the bathroom flaunts a clean and simple design and modern fixtures. Trendy sanitary wares, a useful sink cabinet, glass shower doors and a large mirror make this space soothing and inviting.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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