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The sublime £350k home extension

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Landscape House, House in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 모던스타일 주택 by ROEWUarchitecture 모던
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Today’s homify 360° discovery focuses on a unique little project: extending an existing historical pair of cottages, located in southern England in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, into a 368 m² family home. In addition, the chosen design had to modernise the layout while also adhering to strict planning guidelines – quite a challenge, don’t you think? 

And since the cottages were already situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the location portion of the home improvement project could be ticked off. For the new structure’s view would also take full advantage of the breathtaking landscape of the existing woodlands surrounding the location, thus giving a fantastically expansive outlook to the very private home. 

Careful consideration went into choosing the building materials, with the professionals in charge coming up with a strategy that allowed them to create a modern addition that complemented rather than copied the existing two buildings.

Let’s see how they fared…

The garden view

Exterior View facing the garden 모던스타일 주택 by ROEWUarchitecture 모던 유리

Exterior View facing the garden


What a spacious terrace that does a tremendous job of luring us outside. This new addition, with its steel-grey tile flooring, fits in perfectly with the neutral palette that adorns the rest of the exterior façade. 

What’s more, sufficient space is provided here for outdoor socialising and entertaining – have a look at the outdoor dining area on the very left, ripe and ready for some al fresco festivities.

Natural materials

Immersion in Landscape 모던스타일 주택 by ROEWUarchitecture 모던

Immersion in Landscape


Wooden panels adorn the majority of the outside wall surfaces, coated in a warm honey-toned brown that contrasts perfectly with the cooler look of the grey terrace floor. 

And wood turned out to be such a splendid choice for this particular project, seeing as dense forests are located only a few metres away.

The view from inside

Sitting Room looking out the woods 모던스타일 거실 by ROEWUarchitecture 모던

Sitting Room looking out the woods


A house in such a location would be mad not to take full advantage of its views, which is why the experts in charge opted to include floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors wherever they could. 

Here we get a magnificent view of that lush green landscape from the reading room which, thanks to its monochrome colour palette, contrasts quite deliciously with the rich outdoors.

Bathing in light

Light bathing Sitting Area 모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by ROEWUarchitecture 모던

Light bathing Sitting Area


But landscape views aren’t the only element that seeps indoors; those generous glass panes allow an abundance of natural light to also filter inside, beautifully illuminating the interior surfaces, especially the snow-whites of the walls and furniture.

A curvy appeal

Curved Bedroom Wing 모던스타일 주택 by ROEWUarchitecture 모던

Curved Bedroom Wing


We have time for one quick look at the outside before we bid this wonderful new home adieu – and we chose the bedroom wing simply because of its eye-catching curve. 

This rounded design was purely to shelter the private garden on the inside from the passing traffic on the road, but of course we can’t deny that it looks simply striking whilst doing so!

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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