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​5 simple tips to make house-cleaning easier

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Cleaning house might not be on many people’s “favourite things to do” lists, yet it is a necessary part of life. You basically have three choices in this regard: allow your house to be taken over by dust and grime (and kiss your social life goodbye), pay someone to clean for you, or read ahead to see how to make your weekly cleaning ritual a little bit easier (and quicker).

They say it’s the little things in life that count, and that certainly turns out to be true, for these five tips we’ve gathered might be little, but they certainly make quite a difference to keeping your house looking clean, neat and organised.

Let’s start in the bedroom

1. Organise a system for your clothes

Yes, we know how easy it is to dump clean clothes over a chair at the end of the day, but please refrain from doing so. They need to go either in the laundry hamper or back in the closet, as a bedroom with a shirt here and a pair of sneakers over there will appear much more challenging to clean than one that has not got any clothing strewn over the place. 

Plus, come laundry day, how would you like it to chase all over the house looking for missing socks and shorts hiding all over the place?

2. Keep surfaces open

Although this living room isn’t sparsely furnished, it is organised quite superbly. The wall shelving is neat as a pin, the coffee table is managed to perfection, and no unnecessary cushions or rugs or window treatment are taking up space – yet does it look as if this room was robbed? Certainly not! 

Guess which living room will be a breeze to clean?

3. Go with a minimalist style

The fewer items you have, the quicker you will notice when one of them is out of place, forcing you to pick up after yourself (or your family) much quicker. Just remember that less is more, and start tucking away those myriad of goodies into cabinets and on the shelves. 

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4. Have adequate storage

If you’re one of those people who need to have something to read before bedtime, then make sure you have adequate space for your books and magazines – and no, a stacked bedside table doesn’t count. 

Don’t deny yourself an extra shelf or bookcase – they can go a long way in making your bedroom look neater and more civilised than one with books scattered everywhere.

5. Have the right materials and layout

Investing in furniture and hardware that are high quality and durable will result in your cleaning ritual becoming much easier. This is especially important for areas like the kitchen and bathroom, which tend to see their fair share of humidity and water on a daily basis.

See this modern bathroom above: it keeps all its surfaces open and easy to reach, which means a quick wipe here and there on a daily basis is all it takes. Then when it comes to hardcore cleaning day, it’s simply a matter of dusting here and mopping there, and ta-da: a clean-as-a-whistle bathroom! 

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