​What's the best way to decorate my narrow bathroom?

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​What's the best way to decorate my narrow bathroom?

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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The mind is a wonderful thing – it can conjure up visions of just about anything, including the precise colours and patterns you wish to use in your home’s interior spaces. However, all the plans and designs in the world can only take you so far if that room that needs decorating is a bit limited in terms of space.

Yes, long and narrow rooms are not the greatest thing on earth, as they force us to rethink our designs, or sometimes come up with completely new ones. Such is the case with bathrooms. Bye-bye gigantic tub, maybe next time double-sink vanity! 

However, all is not lost, for there still exists quite a few ways in which your narrow bathroom can be styled up quite perfectly – and we are going to share some of them with you right now.

1. Use the wall

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Your narrow bathroom is already very restricted in terms of floor space, so why would you want to use up as much as possible? 

Ingenious solutions like wall-mounted vanities (which appear to float) conjure up a little extra floor space, making the room appear a bit bigger than it actually is. 

Do the same with your cabinetry and other storage areas (like floating shelves), and that narrow bathroom will appear much bigger in no time!

2. Focus on the height

Sure, that bathroom might not be the widest, but with clever designs and trickery of the eye, you can definitely make it look like it’s one of the tallest. 

Opt for décor pieces and furniture that will force the eye upwards, allowing people to take in the vertical space instead of the horizontal. This includes putting in tall cabinets or cupboards, inserting elongated decorative elements such as timber panels or décor ladders, or even painting the walls / using wallpaper with vertical stripes.

3. Hide the clutter

Question: What will a small space look like if it’s full of thingamajigs? Answer: Even smaller! 

Thus, use bathroom storage cabinets and shelves to hide away those goodies (shampoos, soaps, loofahs, toothbrushes, etc.) and leave as much empty floor- and counter space open as possible. 

Yes, even opting for a curtain-like design as seen in this example could work!

4. Focus on shapes and colours

Stay away from those dark colours! Instead, go with soft neutrals to add visual space to the room. And feel free to bring in a vibrant tone or two, such as this hot red adorning this very narrow bathroom ceiling. 

However, notice the shapes of the mirror and wall tiles, and how those curves add visual detail to the space, drawing our attention away from the limited legroom. Clever, right?

5. Don’t underestimate your mirror

Large things don’t belong in small rooms – but the one exception to this rule is a mirror.

By all means, let that bathroom mirror take up a lot of wall space, as it will visually double up on the bathroom’s size, making it look much more spacious than it actually is. 

Allow our extensive list of professionals (including interior designers, architects, gardeners, lighting experts, etc.) to help you conjure up the house of your dreams.

6. Use double-duty pieces

A lack of space will force you to bring in fewer elements into that room. And here is where a medicine cabinet comes in handy, as it presents storage space, display areas, and a mirrored surface. Three in one, and you’re done! 

We’re just chock-a-block with clever tips, such as these: 12 home storage brainwaves to make your life easier.

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